The Wound Garibaldi

In August 1862 in the battle at Aspromonte was wounded and taken prisoner national hero of Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi.
This person priests hated cruel hatred. Garibaldi had struggled all his life with the power of the papal throne, with the clergy, from which, according to him, still bore the smell of burned human flesh.
But Garibaldi warm love for the people of the Motherland; they admired the progressive people of all countries. It is not surprising that the news of his wound caused an uproar across Europe.
Fearing social unrest, which was not long in coming, the king ordered the release Garibaldi for treatment. He was brought in a stuffy and damp town of La Spezia.
For two months the representatives of the medicine could not make sure whether the wound Garibaldi bullet or it's not there.
The Italian Port, Professor of surgery, the author of forty-seven famous works, unsuccessfully explored the wound with his finger, causing the patient unbearable pain.
Large French surgeon Nelaton, is also the author of the famous works, the inventor of a tourniquet, was injected into it specially created for this case the probe with porcelain button, but l he could not say anything definite.
From England arrived the doctor Patridge, Professor of the Royal Academy. The presence of a bullet wound he denied.
In one day Patridge Spezia arrived Russian surgeon Nikolay Pirogov. He was not summoned - he came himself. Or rather, not himself, but at the request of the young Russian doctors held a special training course in the German city of Heidelberg, where Pirogov was with them in the role of mentor. Posumavi and talking on their meeting, they turned to Pirogov with the collective request - to examine himself Garibaldi. Even the money for the trip gathered all the world.
From money Pies refused, but went to go.
First wound Garibaldi he examined himself and the overall condition of the wounded were happy, although all unpleasantly struck painful thinness of his feet.
The second time the surgeon came to the bedside with Dr. Patridge.
- You will probe the wound? asked Pirogov his English colleague.
"No, I am just one of the external examination. I think - bullet in the bone. My advice is not to rush with removing it. We must wait until the bullet will not become podvizhnoi in his bony, and then we can get it easily. You should only keep a sharp watch on the condition of the wound and the surrounding parts. And now I am ready to write about this newsletter, " said Pies, quickly opisywa a piece of paper and putting his signature.
Patridge thought. That said, this well-known Russian surgeon, sounded convincing. But one phrase in conclusion: "Relying only on external study..." So she is very categorical.
Grinning faintly he understood the reason for the confusion Professor of the Royal Academy, - Pies written changed. "As far as can be judged by external study..." - he softened the text.
Bulletin signed two: "Pirogov, Patridge. on October 31, 1862".
French surgeon Nelaton advised to expand the wound to remove the bullet immediately. Fortunately, the doctor listened to the instruction Pirogov and Patridge and twenty-six days easily pulled bent horseshoe bullet. If not Pies, would be Garibaldi without legs.