Satchel student

sleds for students for wearing pack
Posture student wearing books: 1 - in the portfolio; 2 - under my arm; 3 - pack.

Satchel student - scrip bag student, intended for carrying books, notebooks and other teaching AIDS. While wearing the backpack load is evenly distributed throughout the shoulder belt that promotes the development of correct posture student (Fig). While wearing the backpack breathing is not difficult, provided the free movement of the torso and arms. The latter is important in rural areas, where to travel in school children sometimes used in the summer Bikingand winter skiing.
The bag should be made of lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean material (leather and leatherette, tarpaulin).
Satchel for children of I - IV classes should have a weight of 500-600 g, the length of 30-35 cm, height 25 cm, width 10 cm Pack supplied with shoulder strap length 80-85 cm, at the bottom is a device that allows you to change its length depending on the growth of the child and the nature of the service. The belts are not cut shoulders, their width in the upper segment should be 3,5-4,0 cm, lower - 2,5-3,0 see

From a hygienic point of view of the student's backpack preferable portfolio, especially for schoolchildren. When wearing student knapsack possible the free movement of hands while walking. This facilitates the deployment of the chest and better ventilation of the lungs. The wearing of books in that pack promotes the development of correct posture students, helps correct the initial degree of lateral curvature of the spine, and prevents the formation of flat or round the back. The gravity of the pack is distributed symmetrically on the shoulders and back, and through the spinal column and in the lower limbs. The center of gravity while not shifting (as when wearing portfolio) and on keeping the body in a state of stable equilibrium is not required additional costs muscle strength. The wearing of books in apprenticeship pack allows students during the way to school in the winter, enjoy skiing, and in the warm season of the bike.
Set dimensions of the pack for the students of I-IV classes: length 30 cm, height 25 cm, width 10 cm Length shoulder belts not less than 80-85 cm in width of 3.5-4 see the Weight of the pack without books 500-600 g, capacity (approximate) 4 books, 5 notebooks, pencil case. For manufacturing student of the pack should be applied in light waterproof materials available cleaning and washing. Paint satchels durable paints of bright colors. Fastening of the pack (two shoulder belt) is located in the middle of the top edge. Elastic straps supplied with the adaptation to change the length depending on the growth and service. Student's backpack should not have sharp corners, side plate for his strength must be tough. For carrying Breakfast on the outer surface of the student of the pack provides a special pocket size 15 X 15 cm