The wound channel

The wound channel is a continuation of the input gunshot wounds and has different properties depending on the characteristics of the offensive actions of the projectile and organs, through which it passes. There are blind and wound through the channels. They can be direct, broken, broken and surrounding. In blind end wound channel find the projectile. It should be borne in mind that when a blind bullet wound, getting into the hollow body can move under the action of gravity or the blood. Usually wound channels direct. Meet broken wound channels, i.e. not constituting a straight line when the bullet changes the direction of motion in the body due to ricochet, for example when hitting bone. In other cases, the straightness wound channel set only when a particular position of the body, while at the normal position it is broken. This circumstance allows us to judge the position of a body at the moment of shooting and playback separate details of the incident. The wound channel can be terminated in cases where it passes through several parts of the body (for example, the shoulder, the chest) or through several bodies (e.g., kidney, liver, bowels).
In wound channel, formed as a result of the shot within the limits of its components, detect soot, polushariya of Poroshenko. The immediate impact of the bullet, the effect of the shock of the head wave oscillations of the channel walls after the passage of the bullet lead to the fact that after the bullet wound on channel fond part destroyed tissues. Consequently, during the investigation of wound channel under the microscope, for example, a light can detect microscopic pieces of the liver tissue, if the first bullet damaged the liver, and then light. Found in the wound tract and pieces of cloth service. All this together helps determine the direction of the shot.
The bullet, damaging hollow body containing a liquid (stomach, bladder, heart and others), reports of this fluid energy of blow - occurs hydrodynamic effect. This results in a small entry wound in the hollow body in the field of exit bullet formed a large laceration (Fig. 70).

Fig. 70. The impact of the head wave with gunshot craniocerebral trauma. Types of wound apertures, and input; b - the output.

Damage flat bones (skull, pelvis, ribs, shoulders, sternum) have their own characteristics. On the outside of the disc (in relation to the direction of motion of the bullet) projectile knock a hole rounded, more or less corresponding to the diameter of the bullet. On the opposite (internal) album bone is damaged on a much larger area. Form a kind of truncated cone, a larger base of which is directed to the side of a bullet. In cases of damage bezobolochnoe bullet in the area of its entrance to the bone remains of particles of soft metals - lead - dark-grey bezel on the edge of the hole. This metallization well detected x-ray and laboratory methods, and in some cases noticeable to the naked eye.
Damage divisov long bones at the point of entry bullet arise mainly radial cracks, outlets - longitudinal cracks compact layer.
The bullet, breaking bones, leads the newly formed bone fragments. They can be moved on the wound channel and side of him. In the result, the output wound may be torn, and in some cases, around it there are additional weekend wounds formed by splinters of bone.
When the blind gunshot wounds research wound channel ends mandatory detection of injurious shell that expert retrieves fingers (not forceps) and passes the investigator for examination. In difficult cases, when finding a bullet (fractions, fragments) in the body appropriate to apply x-ray examination. Together with the shell in wound channel can be found the wad (with shotgun wounds), which is also withdrawn. In cases of damage by a shot from a distance of several centimeters (or emphasis) of weapons, charged "blank" Chuck, in a blind wound tract find only the soot and polushariya grain powder.
In the study wound channel under the microscope in the initial part identify the pieces of the epidermis, deposition of soot shot, grain powder, fiber service. Tissue crushed and freely lie in the lumen of the canal, together with the uniform elements of blood. Sometimes in wound channel one organ detect particles other body tissues.
In the study under the microscope can be installed kind used ammunition (discovery of gunpowder grains and determining their type), prizhiznennoi and remoteness of damage (reactive changes in the tissues), the distance of the shot (the detection zakapyvanii), and other