Early sexual behaviour and its consequences

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Early extramarital sexual life, in addition to the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy, is fraught with the possibility of spontaneous and sometimes criminal (underground outside the facility) abortion. One of the important causes of spontaneous abortion at the age of 15-16 years old is considered to be the underdevelopment of the internal genitals. To unsafe abortions use girls for different reasons, although the leading place, according to experts, is the fear of publicity, and sometimes persistent demands "culprit" of pregnancy.
Artificial interruption of pregnancy should be considered as a complicated operation, are fraught with dangerous complications. Among the complications associated operations, it is enough to indicate a life-threatening bleeding, damage and, as a result of abortion, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. For clandestine abortions performed often ignorant people of great danger of bleeding increases the possibility of perforation of the wall of the uterus damage nearby formations - bladder, bowel, abdominal organs. Very undesirable and long-term effects of abortion, chronic inflammatory processes with subsequent development of connective tissue, or adhesions, seriously complicating the course of repeated pregnancies and childbirth, which often become a cause of infertility. The mentioned harmful consequences are aggravated even more in the production of the first abortion and especially in the period before the final development of the internal genitals.
Prevention of early sexual intercourse among young men and teenagers with their adverse consequences - not an idle question. Data of medical statistics of the countries of Western Europe and America more and more evidence about the facts of the early start of sexual life, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases at the age of 14-16 years. These facts cannot hide, as they become widespread and are discussed medical press of the West. To explain this situation there are a variety of physiological theory, which covers the social evils of the capitalist way of life. According to these theories, the increase in the number of lone young mothers, secret and overt prostitution, venereal diseases because of limitations sexual enlightenment, the decrease of the average age of puberty boys and girls (phenomena acceleration) and the other does not social reasons. So, some English scholars based on a survey of several thousand students in secondary schools London established: the average age of puberty in 1950 was 14.3 years, and in 1962 decreased to 12.1 years.
In some Western European countries, measures are being taken to improve "sex education". With this purpose on charitable basis are special society, designed to reveal the secrets of conception, fertility and other parties intimate life. Overtly sexual nature of such "education", built on the principles of capitalist morality, where everything is bought and sold, not only does not promote sexual education of younger generation, but rather, on the contrary, has a corrupting influence and pushed his way of committing immoral acts.
About the social causes of early sexual relations in the bourgeois world, as a rule, is not mentioned. Meanwhile, "serving capitalism, culture, art, the whole life of the ruling class bears the imprint of exaggerated sexuality" *. Therefore, not surprising to rapid degradation of moral relations among young people in the capitalist countries, where sexual entertainment and perversion received in recent years a very wide scope. Even the Western press started to compare this phenomenon to "attacking avalanche", from which there is no place to hide. Only in Belgium, according to incomplete data, there are 50 thousand prostitutes in a total population of about 9 million people.
Theatre, literature, cinema art in the United States encourage sexual amusements of youth. In entertainment and entertainment venues, Nightclubs and bars in the thriving cult of naked body. "On accusations that it is increasingly obsessed with sex, Hollywood agrees that movies, flavored with homosexuality, nudity, and obscenity... make money, because that is what the people want" ("Parad", 22 September 1968).
Very popular in "Free world" are pornographic publications, avidly read of all sectors of society - from small to large. In interviews on television openly discussed homosexuality, free love, sexuality decent American family and the problem of sexual perversion.
Dazzle "stunning" messages Western European magazines that men are trading their wives or require girls wishing to appear naked. In "specialty stores" Denmark can meet sellers in some panties.
Businessmen of France, England trying to "exploit sex" hoping to improve its weakened financial position. Degradation of moral principles of bourgeois society is the main reason more often registered epidemics of syphilis and gonorrhoea.
To the honor of a number of socialist countries - Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria - it should be noted deeply meaningful and serious scientific production of the sexual upbringing of the youth which is implemented by the departments of pedagogy and special Institute of sexology in Prague.

* Century. N, Myasishchev. Personality and neuroses. Publishing house of Leningrad, 1962.