Early sexual behaviour and its consequences

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Early sexual life without deep, time-tested friendship, without ideological proximity defiles a strong feeling of love, stops prematurely intellectual and physical development. The aspiration to self-improvement, creative impulses and high ideals is an impossible or, at best, limited. "Love must be understood, " wrote I. K. Krupskaya,not only as the satisfaction of healthy sexual instinct. Want this feeling that gives a lot of joy, contacted the ideological proximity, with common purpose and the struggle for the common cause" *.
Levity in the sphere of intimate relations is fraught with other sad consequences of early pregnancy, abortion, the possibility of Contracting a sexually transmitted disease, and as extreme sex crimes.
Early sexual activity and especially early pregnancy, causing moral and mental shock, predispose to the development of neuro-sexual disorders, create financial difficulties, do not provide the necessary education and to take a worthy place in society.
To complete the physical and spiritual development, to a distinct social maturity girl has no right to give life to a child, because she still can't become a good mother and to provide necessary measures of their upbringing. What is the criterion of social maturity of young men and women? First of all, their ability to actively participate in society and working life, to have the financial ability to provide for themselves and family. Our boys like girls physically developed, with a smile overcoming challenges, proud of his maiden honor of occupying a worthy place in society.
8 the beginning of XX century in many countries world wide fame got the idea that one or the other form of sexual relations is a purely private matter of the individual and the society has no right to control them. This view has promoted frivolous view of satisfaction of sexual needs, expressed in the notorious theory of "glass of water", which was later extremely negative assessment Century I. Lenin. In an interview with Clara Zetkin Century I. Lenin said: "of course You know the famous theory that if in Communist society to satisfy sexual desire and need love as simply and modestly as drinking a glass of water... This theory became evil fate of many young men and women... Drink water - it truly individual. But in love there are two participants, and there is a third, a new life. Here lies the public interest, there is a duty to the team." So characterizes Century I. Lenin antisocial nature indiscriminate sexual relations young men and women. It would seem clear and to this issue should not apply. However things are not so simple. At the interview with a certain number of girls who get pregnant, get infected and infect other sexually transmitted diseases, barely reached 15-16 years of age, we felt the corruptive influence of this bourgeois theory, is still dominant in some capitalist countries, which contribute a lot to the movies erotic content and a wide distribution abroad pornographic literature.
Using anonymous questionnaire, we have put before the girls special question: "How could you have in your 15-16 years to reach such a state". In the questionnaires, along with repentance and recognition of the "mistakes of youth", "inexperience", met bold answers: "what's it to you?" Or sarcastically painted answers: "Sorry for not agreed with you, who am I to love and when to love". Despite sporadic nature of such facts, we have to consider why it is in our conditions arise so immoral beliefs. And it turned out that the basis individualistic approach to the issues of sexual relations is a vicious education in the style of the worst petty-bourgeois and selfish traditions, bringing boys and girls do not wish to reckon with the interests of the collective, society and for this reason are not able to evaluate the social importance of the consequences of early sexual promiscuity.

* N. K. Krupskaya. Selected pedagogical composition. Publishing house of M, 1957, page 323.