Rapoport - Weintraub environment

Rapoport - Weintraub environment (M. A. Rapoport, A. Weintraub) - elective liquid medium used for differentiation of hemoculture bacteria titportfoli group. Preparation of medium: 1 l massoperenosa broth add 100 ml of bile, 20 g glucose or mannitol and as an indicator of acid fuchsin to clearly pink. Wednesday poured 50 ml bottles of 100 cm3 with kasolowsky tubes-floats diameter 8-9 mm and length of 60-70 mm, which put the open end facing down. Spilled environment sterilized in an autoclave for 20 minutes at temperature 112° or fluid the ferry 3 days to 30 minutes early years sterilized environment has slightly yellowish shade, and after planting 5-20 ml of blood due hemosiderosis action of bile is painted in brown. The float is also due to weak diffusion environment retains yellowish color.
With the growth of the pathogen typhoid is distinct turbidity as a result of fermentation of glucose redness environment, especially in the tube-float. With the growth partypany bacteria turbidity and color changing environment is accompanied by accumulation of the floats gas bubbles, as well as the loss of a significant sediment.
In case of detection of growth by the end of the first day should conduct a microscopic study of the crops with the definition of mobility grown bacteria and their relationship to the gram stain, which in combination with color-changing environment and the presence or absence of gas in the float allows you to make a tentative idea of facilities dedicated hemoculture to pathogens titportfoli diseases. The use in the environment Rapoport - Weintraub instead of glucose mannitol in some cases facilitates differentiation of pathogenic Tivo-partypany bacteria from some occurring in the form of contamination of saprophytes, not fermenting the carbohydrate.
In the production of crops in the environment Rapoport - Weintraub should shake the liquid in the vial, which provides a more complete defibrilatorun blood and prevents the formation of a clot, which seal float; it is necessary to avoid air bubbles float. The latter can be misleading when considering the results.
Cm. also Differential diagnostic nearby.