Recognition of ex delivery

Examination of former childbirth is suspected of committing infanticide, kidnapping or substitution of the child, deliberate abandonment of baby without assistance, planting and other
At a recent childbirth can specify breast swelling, pigmentation of the nipples and peripapillary circles, the allocation of colostrum or milk. If a woman does not feed, to 4-6 weeks, these symptoms disappear. In the study of external genital organs are identified abrasion in the vagina, breaks crotch, dehiscence of the genital slit; the hymen - tissue with bruises. In the 1st day after the birth of the cervix smoothed, and 10-12 th day of its outer jaws open. Specific value for the diagnosis of recent births has increased the uterus, followed by an involution. In 3-5 weeks after the birth of the genital organs are allocated lochia. It should be noted that during the investigation of cases of suspected infanticide exception recent childbirth becomes important investigative value.
During examination of recent childbirth, as in the case of suspicion on the production of criminal abortion, special importance Cytology detachable mammary glands. Morphological picture of cells (frothy, fat, white blood cells), which is not the same in different periods of pregnancy, after its interruption persist for some time.
A number of signs reveals the fact of former longtime delivery, but does not solve the question about concrete dates. These include scarring of pregnancy, myrovinie papillae on the place of the hymen, slit mouth of the uterus and smoothness of the mucous membrane of the vagina. It should be borne in mind that gross changes hymen (remains of it) can be a consequence of childhood diseases such as diphtheria genitals.