Fig. 58. Tissue snake (left - root).

Tissue (Rauvolfia serpentina Benth.) - perennial shrub; it grows in South and South-East Asia. In medicine used the root of rauwolfia containing alkaloids reserpine (see) and rescinnamine providing sedative and gipotenzivny effect, aymalin and serpentine with antiarrhythmic properties, and other alkaloids.
Raunatin (Raunatinum; list B) contains the amount of alkaloids from the roots of rauwolfia, has hypotensive, sedative and antiarrhythmic effect.
Applied in hypertensive disease; assign inside to 0,002 - 0,012 and a day for 3-4 weeks. The form of release: tablets of 0,002 g Cm. also antihypertensives.

Tissue (tissue snake; Rauwolfia, or Rauvolfia, serpentina Benth)-a perennial evergreen shrub 0.2-0.6 m with a straight stem and vertical rhizome, passing in thinning, wrinkled, brown root of up to 40 cm; belongs to the family kutrovyh (Apocynaceae Lindl.). It grows in South and South-East Asia (India, Ceylon, Java, Malay Peninsula). Botanical description of rauwolfia belongs to the German doctor Rauwolfa (L. Rauwolf, 16th century). In medicine used the root of rauwolfia, which dig 3-4 year of a life of plants and dried. From rauwolfia allocated about 40 alkaloids, subdivided by the peculiarities of chemical structure and basicity into three groups: tertiary indole (weak) base - reserpine (see), rescinnamine, yohimbin; tertiary indolinone Foundation (medium strength)- imaginer.; Quaternary angedoniya Foundation (strong) - serpentine and other Reserpine found in other types rauwolfia (R. canescens Linn., R. micrantha Hook. R. tetraphylla L.). The pharmacological properties and therapeutic efficacy of the greatest value among rauwolfia alkaloids have reserpine and rescinnamine providing sedative and gipotenzivny effect, and aymalin and serpentine, has antiarrhythmic effect.
Aymalin, unlike reserpine, deprived tranquilizing action, but has the ability to reduce anxiety attack and suppress ectopic impulsoobrazovanie, lengthened refractory phase and inhibit the function of conductivity.
Aymalin used in ventricular and atrial arrhythmia, sinusova tachycardia, various forms of paroxysmal tachycardia, the syndrome of Wolff-Parkinson - white. The drug is administered intravenously, intramuscularly and inside. When parenteral introduction of a single dose of 50 mg (one vial), daily - 100-150 mg Inside appoint 1-2 drops (50-100 mg) 3-4 times a day for 1-3 weeks. Aymalin contraindicated in severe lesions of the conducting system of the heart, sharp organic changes of the myocardium, expressed heart failure and hypotension.
In medicine is also used a number total alkaloid drugs rauwolfia (Gendon, Giuline, Raudixin, Raupina, Rauwiloid, Rauwoldin, Rivadescin, Wolfina and others).
Raunatin (domestic production) is an analogue of Hendon, mainly contains alkaloids reserpine, serpentine and aymalin and has hypotensive, antiarrhythmic and to a lesser extent sedative effect. Raunatin mainly applied with hypertension, especially in the I and II stages. The drug comes in tablets containing 2 mg amounts rauwolfia alkaloids; designate after eating 1-2 tablets per day, gradually bringing the daily dose of up to 5-6 tablets (10-12 mg). After the therapeutic effect dose gradually reduced to 1-2 table. The course of treatment usually last 3-4 weeks. Gipotenzivny effect total products rauwolfia comes more gradual than rezerpina; the side effects are lesser extent.
Cm. also antihypertensives.