Talk about failures

- Lev Aleksandrovich, we must admit our failure, " said 3. L. Baidakova, a longtime employee of the author of this article.- Now let's see - her hands were three thick notebooks,- here the protocols numerous experiments, delivered over the last three years. And because any positive! It is quite clear that in tumors no proteins, which would not be in a normal organism. All researchers say this is quite in accordance. This is the case. In the viral theory need to make significant adjustments.
- You are right, Zinaida Leonidivna, all of our experiences so far have been negative, and we could not detect in tumors any foreign proteins. But does this mean that these proteins in them does not? Maybe we just haven't found the conditions under which they can be detected.
Experiments were set in all possible ways, and we enjoyed a very sensitive reactions. No! It is necessary, Lev Aleksandrovich, quit doing it. Microbiologists has long been kicked out of the cancer problem, we are trying in vain to get. We must admit our failure.
- Now if we could leave work, it really will be a failure. Probably alien protein that we seek, is contained in tumors in small numbers, and among the mass of a normal protein to find it not so easy. Try the carriage sand throw a handful of semolina and mix the whole mass, and then to find these quarters. You need to think of some method that would find this cereal. You need to think of some method that would allow to find protein is mixed with other, even if this protein is found in tissues in very small quantities. You should also try to separate proteins tumors at specific groups can be in any one of the protein of the virus, we are looking for will be in greater concentrations than in the mass of the proteins of the tumor.
"But this is not our business. It biochemists.
- Will attract to the work and biochemists. But the most important thing is to develop a more sensitive methods for the determination of protein in a mix with others. Let's try to apply for this purpose reaction anaphylaxis. If this chuvstvitelnaja reaction, allowing to define billionth of a gram of protein, we will refuse, then...
- What, then, Lev Alexandrovich?
"Then we will think what to do next.
This conversation took place in 1947 and lasted for a long time. After many years of failure, success seemed unlikely. Took the weight of labor, were accumulated piles of reports of experiences, but it did not move a single step. And yet... decided to continue.

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