Talks on the 10th of numer

In the list of first-year students of the medical faculty of the name of Nikolai Pirogov appeared in 1824. After a fourteen year old boy gave a subscription to the Board of the Moscow University about its non-participation to any secret society and promised to "continue thereto not belong", he started classes.
Long time in medical school and in Moscow and St. Petersburg are especially willing to take the former seminarians, who knew Latin, the language of medicine. In Supreme control of the Church even asked not to hinder the students of theological schools if they want to enter the teaching in state hospitals.
Among medical students of Moscow University failed clergy was too much. In any case, almost all the inhabitants of the 10-th number corresponded to Casinocity students came from a spiritual rank. Here Nikola Pies every day at lunch time remained in his former tutor - student Feoktistova.
It so happened that this room has played a special role in his life.
The way of the house in Syromyatniki, where the family lived Pie, was no different from the ordinary life of the majority of houses in Moscow. Tenants it properly fulfilled all the religious rituals, but on the main Lenten days even my favorite cat Nicholas did not receive meat. But it is the 10th numer very soon changed freshman Pirogov, to the surprise and horror of his pious mother. He attended Church services, but on every occasion when it came to the Holiness of worship, the last judgment, the torment of the hereafter, laughed at stories from the lives of saints, on the narratives about the devil and his mischief.
"In addition to the bones and herbarium, many years later, at the sunset of life, recalled the famous surgeon, " I got out of 10-th number corresponded to the new Outlook". From undergraduates of spiritual rank he had heard of such things about papah, religious services, rites, sacraments and generally religion that at first used argh was his".
This new Outlook forever defined attitude Pirogov to the Church and her servants. The rest was supplemented science in his life she took the first place, and the Ministry of science Pies considered the most sacred of his duty.
In the 10th numer talked about secret societies of the Decembrists, here in the lists read-Smoking poems by Pushkin and, of course, discussed all the news of medicine.
Once mentioned Prince Golitsyn, the Minister of education and religious Affairs. And Nikolai heard this conversation:
- Yes, now, brother, keep your eyes open!
- And what?
- Now there, in St. Petersburg, say, our Minister, Golitsyn, such things will kick that to-come.
"What is it?
- Yes, they say, wants to ban the autopsy.
- Really? What do you!
- We have what is not - because despotism! Sent, say, in all universities requests: is it possible to do without corpses and replace them with something.
- Yes what will replace it?
- You know, nothing. So he and I will answer.
- Interpret! And don't want pictures or scarves?
- What is it? That you're lying, as the grey gelding?!
"No, don't lie. Somewhere, I say, is done. Professor of anatomy, tie one end of the scarf to the shoulder blade and the other end to the humerus, and pulls him: "Behold, says, look: this is the deltoid muscle..."
Another time Pies watched with pleasure as the inhabitant of the 10-th of numer copied teacher's anatomy usta Christian Lauder. He clumsily walked to the imaginary Department and, preceptiva, rebuked:
The wisest nature... KGM KGM... or rather, the Creator of the wisest of nature wished...
Yes, no wonder Pies remembered these lessons.
YUST Christians Loder when studying anatomy is not required of students compulsory exercise on the corpses. Pirogov at that time was no exception. He, like others, are met by the drugs, which was accompanied by lectures Lauder.
But when classes in internal medicine led known physician and Professor of the University Matvey Y. Mudrov, students often heard that it is necessary to study the anatomy of the sick organs.
"I see no other way to achieve the truth, " said Mudrov, except rigorous studies painful works... the dead bodies, we will get closer to the truth".
"Doctor-neonatal not only useless but harmful!" - claimed lectures on surgery supervisor Pirogov, the author of many medical works Ephraim Osipovich Mukhin. These guidelines aroused the curiosity of the student Pirogov.
Once Mudrov came to the lecture earlier than usual and started incomprehensible talk about the wonders of travel, overseas life. It turned out that there is a possibility to continue education in the famous University town of Tartu.
Nikolai Pirogov chose the subject of improvement: surgery is the only science-based anatomy.
Because the student is superbly managed in all disciplines, had a great voice and good breath - quality necessary for future professorial activity, he was allowed to stay.