Fasting days

Fasting days (cold days) - specially selected food rations partial starvation, in the therapeutic feeding (see), to be applied in violation of the functions of the organs of the digestive system and metabolism.
The therapeutic effect of fasting is connected with the peculiarities of the chemical composition of the diet. Fasting days are diverse and named according to the main product, which is part of the diet. Typically, the following are fasting days.
Milk every two hours in 100 ml of milk or 80 ml curdled milk, kefir or sour. Milk-cheese - 5-6 cups of milk and 300 g cottage cheese. Prescribed for diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of subcompensation and decompensation, obesity, gout, liver cirrhosis with ascites.
Curd - 400-600 g lean curd, 60 g of sour cream and 100 g of milk or cheese in the form of cakes, pudding. Prescribed for heart disease, obesity, atherosclerosis.
Vegetable raw vegetables or a combination of raw and cooked vegetables. Cucumber day - 2 kg of fresh cucumbers eat 5-6 receptions. Potato day - 1.5 kg baked potato with a small amount of vegetable oil or sour cream in 5 receptions for 300, Watermelon day - 1,5 kg of ripe watermelon without skin distribute 5 receptions. Vegetable fasting days are appointed at obesity, gout, urine acid diathesis, hypertension, kidney disease, heart failure, when the epidemic hepatitis in the beginning and in the midst of the icteric period in acute cholecystitis and angioholity, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis with ascites.
Fruit and a variety of fruit and berry raw or boiled (stewed fruit), sometimes in combination with rice porridge. Apple - 1,5 - 2 kg of sweet ripe apples in kind, pureed, treated or baked. Compote - compote from 200-250 grams of dried fruits,100-120 g of sugar and 6 - 6% glasses of water. In testimony add 2 servings of rice porridge from 25 grams of rice each.
Can 500 g dried apricots, washed with boiling water, give in 5 receptions in day. Prescribed for hypertension, obesity, nephritis, heart failure, liver disease. Apple fasting days once or twice a week is prescribed for chronic colitis and enterocolitis in the period diarrhea and unstable chair.
Tea - 5-6 glasses of natural tea with sugar, 10 g sugar in a glass of tea. Appointed in liver diseases and biliary tracts, nephritis, acute gastroenterocolitis at the beginning of treatment.
Meat - meat skim 300-600 g (wet weight) and 400-500 g of raw vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes), boiled or stewed (beets, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin), butter or vegetable 25 g or sour cream 50g Prescribed for obesity in combination with atherosclerosis.
Fasting days are appointed for 1-2 days re-intervals in 7-10 days, given the General power patient endurance them days of discharge, the nature of the disease. At carrying out of days you want to stay in bed in the hospital or sanatorium. With good endurance sick days in the future, you can assign them an outpatient basis, but with an indispensable condition of observance of bed rest. Bed rest is not mandatory at carrying out of days of patients with obesity without circulatory disorders and liver function.

Fasting days - food rations with a special set of products that provide a therapeutic effect on the metabolism and change the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.
The most commonly used tea fasting days (5-6 glasses of natural tea with sugar, 10 g sugar 1 Cup); Apple (1,5-2 kg of ripe sweet apples in its natural form, baked or mashed without skin before use); vegetable and fruit (1,5-2 kg of various fruits, berries or vegetables raw, natural or in salads); compote (Kompot of 200-250 g of dried fruits, 100-120 g of sugar and 6-6,5 glasses of water); milk (5 to 6 cups of milk or sour milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, and others); milk cheese (5-6 cups of milk and 300 g of cream cheese); curd [400-600 g cream cheese, 60 g of sour cream and 100 g of milk or curd products: pudding, cheese (curd - 500 grams, egg - 1 PC, sour cream - 50 g butter - 50 g, wheat flour - 40 g)]; meat [meat skim 300-600 g (wet weight) and 400-500 g of raw vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce deciduous), boiled or stewed (beets, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin), butter or vegetable 25 g or sour cream 50 g]; rice-fruit [apples raw, mashed or baked or stewed 200-250 g of dried fruits, 100-120 g of sugar (for diabetics without sugar), cereal, rice milk, 3 servings (25 grams of rice, 250 in milk per serving)]; osadochnye [5 servings of oatmeal (porridge 40 g, milk, 250 g, butter-5 g per serving)].
At carrying out of days of daily quantity of products is divided into 5 stages. Liquid (tea, coffee, water) give your doctor depending on form of the disease and the patient.

The readings. In acute gastroenterocolitis, exacerbations of chronic colitis and enterocolitis (pronounced diarrhoea phenomenon and profuse diarrhea) designate tea fasting day at the beginning of treatment, chronic colitis and enterocolitis in the period diarrhea and unstable chair - Apple fasting days (1-2 times a week), in combination with diet and other medical activities (apples are ripe, sweet varieties in the form of freshly cooked mashed raw apples without skin). When the hepatitis epidemic in the beginning and middle of icteric period of acute cholecystitis and angioholity, acute exacerbation of chronic cholecystitis and angiocholitis, attacks cholelithiasis, cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis when symptoms liver failure by using vegetable and fruit fasting days (grape, Apple, watermelon, carrot and others), compote, rice and fruit, dairy and cheese, and liver cirrhosis with ascites and dairy fasting days.
Obesity appointed cottage cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit fasting days (apples, plums, cherries, etc. containing carbohydrates, no more than 10-12%). Fasting days appoint 1-2 times a week on the backdrop of diets with limited calories.
In atherosclerosis, combined with excess weight is the same R. D. that, and for obesity (meat or cheese - not more than 300 g / day). With circulatory failure III extent with edema or severe congestion in the lungs appoint milk (100 grams of milk 8 times a day, on the night of 20 g glucose with 1/2 Cup of tea), Apple fasting days (raw apples, mashed or baked with sugar). When violations of the heart rhythm fasting days a positive influence. In hypertensive disease in times of high blood pressure and the development of circulatory failure - Apple R. D.
In acute nephritis in the first days of the disease, chronic nephritis and nephrosis when azotemii, swelling, increased blood pressure shown R. D., and Apple, vegetable, fruit compote - when azotemii, and dairy and milk-cheese - when principally with edema. In diabetes mellitus in combination with obesity - the same R. D. that in obesity, diabetes with symptoms of acidosis - rice-fruit and osadochnye fasting days, 1-2 times a week during the period of treatment in a hospital.
Mode. In most cases, while R. D. comply with bed rest in the hospital or nursing home, in the future, with good endurance R. D. you can assign an outpatient basis, but compliance with bed rest. Patients with obesity without symptoms of circulatory failure and disorders of the liver can not assign bed rest.
Contraindications to the appointment of days of discharge: the combination of these diseases with chronic normalnym gastritis, gastroduodenitis, peptic ulcer disease. Relative contraindications are pronounced vegetative-vascular neurosis, poor portability hunger.
Cm. also Dietotherapy.