The characteristic mechanical damage

Razmyaty arise as a consequence of considerable weight. It is often the skin have minimal damage. This type of injury is most typical for massive landslides, moving the wheels of heavy vehicles (caterpillar and wheel tractors, heavy trucks and other).
The dismemberment of the body or otklonenie its individual parts most frequently occurs under the action parts of rail transport, aviation disasters, etc. As casuistry there are cases of dissection when falling from a great height, road trauma. Otklonenie separate parts observed under the effect of explosives, firearms, cutting tools. Perhaps the deliberate dismemberment of the body to cover up the crime.
Every injury must carefully examine and describe, following a certain sequence. It should be borne in mind that the maximum accuracy and objectivity of the description of even the most insignificant detail damage largely reflected in the subsequent on the diagnosis tools injury and mechanism of occurrence of damage.
The study and description of the damage start with inspection service. After removal of clothing damage on the body examine macroscopically, then, using the methods of direct microscopy, describe them in the following order:
1) localization is the precise location of each damage separately with respect to conventional anatomical landmarks. It is important to specify the distance of damage from the sole, especially in cases of fire damage, traffic injuries and others;
2) type of damage - abrasion, bleed, the wound and others;
3) type of damage (compare with simple geometric shapes);
4) the size of the damage - length, width, depth (inches or millimeters);
5) surface damage (relief edges, bottom) - their nature, characteristics, closing the wound edges, defects, notch, sadnenia and others;
6) foreign adoption (their character, value, quantity, properties, etc.)
7) the condition of surrounding tissues - the blood, the deposition of gunpowder soot, pollution lubricants and other;
8) other properties: the direction of the maximum size of the damage, color, etc.