The first few minutes, months and years of a child's life

Let us first consider who he is, baby?
Now researchers have shown that a child is constantly evolving organism. From birth to 16 years, until the age of majority. Over this period, every person goes through several consecutively changing periods. Each has its own peculiarities, and their diseases, and idiosyncratic reactions to them...
How, in the modern view, the stages of child development? Six of them.
The neonatal period, which lasts from birth to 28 days; chest age (from 28 days to one year); an early age (from one to three years); early pre-school age (from three to seven years); school age (from seven to 15 years); adolescence - from 15 to 17 years.
Now more about each of the currently installed "periods".
The neonatal period. 40 weeks of prenatal development of the fetus passes a difficult way of becoming a child, who at the moment of birth weight from 3200 and 3600 (and even higher) g and growth 50-52, refer To the moment of birth vital developed organs and systems of the child shall provide independent existence.
Infancy - from 28 days to one year. A very important and responsible time. This pipsqueak quite helpless. Anything for themselves may not, except in breastfeeding mothers, shout, if something bothers Yes to sleep. Weight about 3500-4500, And so a year behind. A year of intense care of the child. It should be daily properly feed, care for him, bathing, protect from diseases, to accustom to order in my life - time dream, time food, development of motor skills (in particular, the ability to roll over, then - sitting, standing, independent walking). The child is reacting to loved ones, to learn the mother, father, other people...
To year the baby is already conscious being actively responds to everything around us. The weight of the child 10 kg - 3 times more than in the newborn, and growth, he added 25 cm
Nursery age. From one year to three years. Later there is a development and perfection of systems of the child - he already own a great deal. In nursery the period of mastering the basic skills and functions - speech develops, the child begins to understand a lot, already dressed himself more and more interested in the surrounding world. A lot in this period depends on the proper education.
Early pre-school age from three to seven years. However, now - to six years, since the decision on the beginning of the school at this age. And how important it is to help the child properly and harmoniously develop.
School age is important time of the formation of the human person. It is necessary and to receive more information, more to remember, for "we know as much as we remember".
We must help the child to bring up the character to choose for everyone and to determine the profession for the future life. And here at the teacher, parents can be a good aide - doctor-pediatrician.
Adolescence - from 15 to 17 years - is very responsible period of mugania. In the body of a teenager is a significant restructuring of many functional systems, begins puberty. In the last two decades in connection with acceleration of the process of maturation, the phenomenon that is called acceleration. Accompanied it significant changes in the endocrine system in normal or even slow development of other systems of the Central nervous system, cardiovascular and other
Such discrepancy can be a cause various functional disorders of blood pressure and frequent headaches, pains in the rapidly growing bones, cardiac weakness by physical overload and other
It is now established that many diseases in humans occur before birth. The child develops in the womb for 9 months (40 weeks), and in this period he / she can influence many unfavorable factors. The worst conditions for the development of the fetus occur in diseases of the mother. These States include toxicosis of pregnancy, cardiovascular disease, severe anemia (anemia), different endocrine diseases of the mother or the presence of infection.
In many of our major cities are open specialized maternity hospitals for women with cardiovascular pathology, diseases of endocrine system, diseases of kidneys and other diseases.
Thoroughly examining such women, conducting treatment, we clearly understand that provide assistance to the child.
Birth is too heavy for him the test. Child falls huge load and voltage.
After birth the child must adjust instantaneously to include many new, first inactive systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, thermoregulation, and so on, He needs to immediately adapt, adapt to the environment. Observations showed: from what happened this adaptation depends very much in the further development of the child.
The stress during childbirth affects the change of a metabolism. To ensure metabolism needs oxygen. But the respiratory system still had not included. The child begins to mobilize their own resources, reserves of which are limited. Begins intensive consumption of carbohydrates, fat then.
It is necessary to emphasize that the healthy newborn child quickly rebuild your metabolism, adapting to external conditions. And it is logical. We have evidence that the fetus is "prepared" for childbirth in the womb. On the theory renowned canadian scholar, Selye in resolving acute for life (stress) situations of a large part of the adrenal glands. So, for all human life, from infancy to old age - adrenal not weighs so much relative to the weight of the whole body, as in the fetus before birth. It proves that he is preparing to stress the upcoming overloads. But the willingness to test, alas, is different.
And who will help at this critical moment the child, unless the children's doctor?