Lecherous acts.

Indecent assault (article 120 of the criminal code of the RSFSR). Criminal offence committed by a man or woman of indecent assault against a person of the same or opposite sex under the age of majority.
K. lecherous actions include: indecent touching hands to the sexual organs, rubbing or touching the penis to sexual organs or between her thighs, the practice of Masturbation in the presence of the girl or the exposure of sexual organs, introduction of minors from pornographic literature and objects, corrupting stories. There are other forms of sexual abuse, most of which can be established only with the investigating. A corrupting influence of the above may be accompanied by adolescents awakening of sexual feeling.
Indecent assault, as a rule, are not accompanied by significant mechanical damage, and therefore the expert data is very scarce. As evidence of these actions may be damaged in the form of tears, rips, hemorrhages in the hymen, the presence of semen or characteristic changes hymen with long-term use of indecent assault. Sometimes lascivious acts with children can complete sexual intercourse, leaving extensive damage from the rupture of the perineum, the walls of the vagina, damage to the external opening of the urethra and others; thus it can be fatal.
Remember that various inflammatory changes in the genital area, helminthiasis, Masturbation, etc. are often accompanied by changes that mistake can be taken for traces of indecent assault.
For clarification of circumstances of committing sexual abuse, be aware that children are easily amenable to suggestion, hypnosis, fantasies and very easy to perceive persuasion adults and sometimes lying. The interviewing of children to spend with the participation of the teacher, though it should be stated that the gathering of history of sexual crimes among minors is generally undesirable.