Rehabilitation after surgical interventions

The main provisions outlined in the consideration of establishing the comprehensive treatment after operations. In addition, patients after savings transactions (excision of part or all of the isthmus of the uterus, when inevitably opened the cervical canal) with the purpose of prevention of stenosis channel the day before or at the beginning of menstruation is the expansion of the cervical canal by straddling. One week prior to this procedure, patients injected intramuscularly progesterone 1 ml of 2.5 % solution or 2 ml of 1 % solution. Extension is done with anesthesia.
One of our patients (Doctor) was operated on for endometriosis, uterus, mainly affecting the isthmus and its syndrome Allen - masters: performed a hysterectomy. Earlier in the place of residence she made resection of the coccyx and the tops of the sacrum about the alleged destruction of their endometriosis. But the pain did not decrease and completely passed only after removing the uterus. After 1.5 years of pain again increased. The survey allowed to exclude recurrence of endometriosis, and the resumption of pain was caused by inflammation horse tail of the spinal cord. After conducting anti-inflammatory treatment rays x-rays pain stopped and already more than 8 years not disturb the patient. The performance is fully recovered. D. is a postman, and she has a lot to ride a bike.
After operations regarding severe forms of common endometriosis when you are excruciating pain in the abdomen, the depth of the pelvis and lumbar-sacral region and patients is astenoipohondricheskih syndrome, positive results are achieved by treatment with participation of psihoneurologic. After a stay in the clinic for neuroses patients treated radon in conditions of sanatoriums , Pyatigorsk. Pre-patients exclude other possible causes of pain (discogenic sciatica, peribit and others). In addition, with the goal of rehabilitation can be used preformed physical factors (direct and/or alternating magnetic field, reflexology and other).