The dairy-free recipes of dishes

Preparation of nearly all dairy-free dishes are not straightforward. There are literally no food, which could not instead of milk to use its substitute baby soy blend or other non-dairy ingredients. Children can go without cow's milk. Its exclusion from the diet is especially favorable for sensitive to milk children. If for cooking milk-free meals to be creative, it can even be fun. Anyone can invent a variety of delicious milk-free food for all family members. There is an endless variety of recipes that used instead of milk substitutes. Additionally, some are sensitive to milk person may consume boiled or canned milk.
All the recipes contained in this section do not contain cow's milk or dairy products; they do not include other common food allergens, such as eggs, wheat and corn. Most offered in the book of recipes taken from various sources and slightly modified. Additional information can be obtained from nutritionists, manufacturers of food products, as well as learn from the collection of the recipes of dishes that are recommended for allergies, in particular:
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