Prolapsed rectum

Prolapsed rectum often occurs in children under strong stress the abdominals (cough in whooping cough, diarrhea, constipation) and men (with hypertrophy of the prostate gland, the narrowing of the urethra, the heavy lifting); women prolapse rectum, occurs less frequently, the reason it may be gaps crotch. prolapsed rectumProlapsed rectum contribute to the overall depletion, age-related changes, causing a weakening of the muscles and fascias pelvic floor and sphincter. There are loss of all layers of the rectal wall and loss of only mucosa.
In the initial stages of the loss of the mucous membrane of the rectum occurs only when urinating. The mucous membrane stuck out in the form of round swollen outlet is bright red in color with a large number of mucus. After defecation fallen plot pulling back or it easy to set a very patient. In advanced cases the mucous membrane falls with a slight tension or even without any voltage.
Loss of all layers of the rectum is characterized by vihodnie spherical, cylindrical or conical education. The mucous membrane of red, swollen, covered by erosions and ulcers. Fallen part spravlyaetsya with difficulty. If significant swelling, loss can be nevprawima. Dangerous complication - infringement loose bowel and mortification. For long-existing loss may develop incontinence of stool and gas, constant mucus secretion, leading to irritation of the skin of the perineum and persistent itching.
Diagnosis prolapse rectum easily put. Prolapsed rectum must be differentiated by reason of hemorrhoids and vihodnie of invaginate from anus with gastrointestinal intussusception. In the first case there is more than one individual, covered with mucous membrane of the nodes. In the second case, a place of transition of the mucous membrane in the skin of the anus, usually well marked at loss of the rectum, invisible; the skin and mucous membrane separates deep chink.
Treatment. For reposition dropped out of the rectum child is placed on the abdomen, raise legs and pelvis. Adult patient is asked to lie on its side or take a knee-elbow position. Loose bowel smeared vaseline or oil, cover with a gauze and begin slowly and gently set from the Central part, pressing his thumbs, and the other holding the intestine and the anus. After the reduction of the Central part is easy spravlyaetsya the entire colon. When the infringement of the intestine, especially with the signs of the beginning of mortification, lumbar unacceptable - you need urgent hospitalization. It is necessary and with the failure of attempts to reset. If set gut immediately falls again, it is necessary again to set it and keep typing in the rear passage of a large, greased with vaseline gauze tampons apply a pressure bandage and refer the patient to hospital. Shown tonic and restorative activities (high-calorie diet, vitamins, iron tablets and other), warm sitting baths, perineal shower, and most importantly - the elimination of the cause of prolapse of the rectum. All this often helps to cure, especially in children. In severe, long-existing prolapsed rectum surgical treatment - podselenie rectum or (children) injection alcohol into the rectum fiber to commit intestine resulting scars.
Prevention - early treatment and prevention of conditions that cause prolapse rectum, nutrition, physical culture.