Reflux movement of the liquid contents of hollow organs in reverse (antipathological) direction. Unlike regurgitation (see), in which the reverse movement of the content is done by actively throwing, reflux is a passive numb, caused by the difference of pressure of a liquid in communicating hollow organs or by the action of gravity in case of insufficiency or absence of valvular apparatus that prevent leaking. Reflux is possible in various organs of the digestive, urinary and other (reflux gastroesophageal reflux vesicoureteral and so on). Permanent admission to the hollow body content that is not characteristic can call it pathological changes (for example, esophagitis with gastroesophageal-reflux).
Reflux in varicose veins of legs that occurs when standing position of the patient, shows the breakdown of the Troyan - Trendelenburg (see Varicose veins) and points to the lack venous valves.