Regeneration of the liver parenchyma

Regeneration of the liver parenchyma usually occurs as a reaction to the death of liver cells. Therefore regenerative processes occur almost simultaneously with necrobiotic.
Intensive regeneration initially detected a significant increase in the figures of mitoses. Further cell division occurs mitoticeski. Regenerating liver cells increased in volume, often have an irregular shape, have dark cytoplasm, contain two or more rich chromatin kernel. In the recent increases the number of nucleoli. For regenerating cells are characterized by a large glycogenic stock normal organelles and increase the number of microvilli on the biliary surface. Regeneration on the periphery of the slices can be expressed in the form of proliferation of epithelial bands and tubes, growing into periportal connective tissue. As a result of regeneration of hepatocytes formed two hepatic plate. Sometimes there is a proliferation of the cells of bile ducts (Fig. 55).

Fig. 55. Regeneration of liver cells (education site regeneration).
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