Relaxation is relaxation or a sharp decrease in the tone of arbitrary muscles, which can be achieved artificially in anaesthesia (see), as well as the use of curariform substances that block the transfer of excitation from motor nerves in the voluntary muscles (see Relaxants), or arise as a pathological condition. For example, relaxation aperture arises in connection with the rapidly thinning and extension of one of its domes (mainly the left) on the soil of congenital aplasia (underdevelopment) of the muscles of the diaphragm or damage phrenic nerve. Manifested by the lack of movement of the diaphragm and the high location of the affected dome, as well as violations by heart, lung, organs of digestion. The basic method of recognition of relaxation aperture - an x-ray after the introduction into the abdominal cavity air, pushing the diaphragm from the adjacent organs, allowing you to explore it in isolation. The operative treatment of the disease - the stress (see) the diaphragm, or the imposition on it of their pleated seams.