Benign tumors of the stomach

Currently, x-ray detection of benign tumors of the stomach is not a rarity. As a result of application of modern methods of radiodiagnosis they are often defined in the absence of any clinical data that may testify to them. The basis of their recognition is primarily the methodology of the study the relief of the mucous. Most often from a variety of benign tumors observed polyps.
Giving as a main characteristic x-ray filling defect, polyps significantly different in their x-ray symptoms of stomach cancer. First of all, most often localized on the front or the back, and not on the curvature, they give streamlined from all sides filling defect (Fig. 93), which contributes to even very many of them on a more or less long stalk. Due to this, during x-ray examinations they can freely move on the stomach. Polyps most easily recognized when you study the relief of the mucous. In such circumstances creates a typical picture of the Central filling defect round or oval. The folds of mucous when polyps not drop as is the case with cancer, and "bypass" polyp, as if razdvigaet around him.

Fig. 93. Polyp in the antrum of the stomach (x-ray).

Often polyps with a long stem and located in privratnika Department, can "fall out" through a gatekeeper in the duodenum (poleberry polyp), creating a picture of filling defect alternately in the stomach, duodenal bulb.
Sometimes prosauropoda polyps can cause blockages gatekeeper and form an acute gastric dilatation with symptoms of obstruction.
Leiomyoma arise from fibers smooth muscles submucosal layer. Leiomyoma has a sharp and distinct contours, mucous membrane over it changes a little, but often it ulcerated. Leiomyoma may go outside of the stomach cavity. When ulcerations within filling defect may occur flat niche.
Fibroids form large filling defects, which usually has a regional location. Basically they are closer to the greater curvature of the stomach.
There are also neurinoma (neurofibromas), lipoma, angiomas, but their differential diagnosis very difficult, and sometimes impossible.