X-ray diagnostics of diseases of the pulmonary trunk

For the detection of advanced branches of the pulmonary trunk is usually sufficient fluoroscopy and x-ray in different projections. At stagnation in the lungs it is expedient to apply rentgenografii.
The most reliable methods of research pulmonary trunk - and angiocardiography pulmonary, which gives an opportunity to trace the HP all over. When sclerosis pulmonary trunk shadow of his intense, arc on the left path cardiovascular shadows mabuhay, expands the left lung root, mainly at the expense of the descending branch of the left pulmonary artery, celebrated rough pulmonary the drawing that is traced back to the peripheral parts of the lungs. For better identification of sclerotic changes recommend left angle position of the patient; visible extended, intensive shade of the branches HP, Sometimes in the same perspective, you can see calcified areas in the walls of the main branches of the pulmonary trunk. From indirect x-ray symptoms are set hypertrophy and enlargement of the right ventricle, and the degree of these changes depends on the severity of the process leading to the development of sclerosis HP
Very rare primary Hesse sclerosis pulmonary trunk usually radiographically not recognized.
Isolated aneurysm and even multiple of the aneurysm at systemic arteritis branches HP also often radiographically not recognized.