Roentgenologist - health workers with secondary medical education and trained at the special courses for working in medical and scientific research medical institutions (x - ray and radiology departments, laboratories, classrooms). In its work roentgenologist subject to the doctor-radiologist. Roentgenologist responsible for economic and technical condition of the x-ray Cabinet, monitors the state of the equipment, before work to check the serviceability and puts it in readiness. Roentgenologist must comply with the rules of operation of x-ray rooms, apparatus and follow instructions on safety and labor protection; to know the rules of use of sanitary-engineering devices and safety devices.
Roentgenologist leads registration and accounting of patients coming for research and treatment; as instructed by the doctor makes laying sick for the production of research and treatment; carries out activities to protect the patient at carrying out of radiological procedures; fills in the book of copies of the protocols for the research and treatment or writing to the dictation of the doctor-radiologist; maintain a file protocols and x-ray; conducting their own, as instructed by the doctor, x-rays and releases procedures. After watching the cleanliness of vehicles and leads them in order. Roentgenologist has no right to serve two or more simultaneously operating x-ray apparatuses , even if the control panels are in the same room.
The duties of roentgenologist is the timely receipt from a pharmacy (warehouse) medicines, films, chemicals, contrast agents, stationery, etc; preparation of contrast agents for research; in the absence of totalbalance roentgenologist conducts preparation of photochemical solutions and all the work in the darkroom.
Roentgenologist in the zone of action of x-ray radiation, provided with personal protective equipment (see Antiradiation protection, X-ray room) and annually undergo a mandatory medical examination. Roentgenologist have shortened working day and depending on the particular working conditions are entitled to additional leave from 12 to 24 days. Women have the right to pension for old age of 45 years, with a total work experience of at least 15 years, of which 7.5 years as roentgenologist, and men with 50 years of General work experience not less than 20 years, including as roentgenologist not less than 10 years.