X-ray examination

X-ray examination is applied widely for the assessment of the status of the biliary tract (cholecysto - and cholangiography) and less for the study of the liver. However, you can use x-ray determination of the form of the liver in conditions of pneumoperitoneum to detect tumors of the liver echinococcosis, cirrhosis; inoperculate allows you to specify the diagnosis of portal hypertension; finally, in cases that are difficult to diagnose (primarily for detection of cysts and cancer of the liver) is successfully used the method of selective arteriography - arteriography and Telecordia (Seldinger, 1953; O. B. Milonov and others, 1970).
In conclusion it should be emphasized that all the methods lifetime morphological studies are additional methods of research that should be used for certain indications, just presenting the purpose of the study, and depending on it to select the appropriate method.