X-rays of the neck and chest

  • The basic installation and setup in radiography
  • The neck. Pictures of the larynx and upper section of the trachea is usually produced in vertical position of the patient (Fig. 1, 12). Side shot of the cervical spine can to perform both in horizontal and vertical position (Fig. 1, 13) patient. It should be borne in mind that, despite the similarity of the flat conditions, the so-called ratio exposure (see x-ray) for images of the cervical vertebrae have about 4 times greater than that of shots of the larynx and trachea. For images of the upper cervical vertebrae recommended rear projection when the maximum open mouth (Fig. 1, 14)fixed in this position tube, sandwiched between teeth that before each shot, for hygienic reasons, should be wrapped in clear waterproof paper.
    The chest. At the pictures of the thoracic spine is recommended to use the following bone benchmarks. When upright and lowered the hands of the body VIII thoracic vertebra is at the level of the line connecting the lower corners of the blades. In case of horizontal position of the body III thoracic vertebra is at the level of the jugular notch arm of the sternum, and xiphoid process corresponds to the level of a body X-XI thoracal vertebra. In counting the spinous processes should be taken into account that the body of the vertebra in the middle part of the thorax is usually significantly higher than the corresponding spinous apophysis. So, for example, spinous process VI thoracic vertebra is at the level of the body VIII thoracic vertebra. It is especially important to know when producing targeted pictures of individual vertebrae narrow tube on cassette small size. In Fig. 1,15-19 presents the most typical projection chest. Since the density of the contents of the chest (lungs, heart) is significantly less than the density of its skeleton, it is necessary at the pictures of the heart and lungs in the front projection to reduce the ratio of exposure compared with the images of the skeleton of the breast is about 4 times.