Rentgenotechnika - specialist on repair, installation and operation of x-ray and electromedical apparatus, having specialized secondary education. Training of rentgenotechnika is carried out in special schools.
The duties rentgenotechnika include verifying the correctness of installation and technical equipment of radiology, radiological, fluorographic offices, laboratories, offices, and isotope diagnostics and radiotherapy apparatus, equipment; participation in the acceptance inspection-ready devices and equipment. Rentgenotechnika together with other specialists carries out reception of equipment and devices after current and capital repair, leads them in the willingness to work and spends certification of all technical equipment for radiological institutions.
Rentgenotechnika participate in the training of personnel for radiological institutions the methods and technique of work on the instruments, devices, rules of labour protection, the use of sanitary-engineering devices, safety devices and personal hygiene practices; rentgenotechnika instruct personnel on issues of safety and rational exploitation of vehicles, devices and equipment.
Rentgenotechnika monitor the health and condition of x-ray, radiological equipment in medical institutions, correct operation of devices, apparatus and if necessary, make repairs and dismantling of equipment.
In the departments of radiology and radiotherapy rentgenotechnika spend dosimetric measurements at workplaces of the personnel in adjacent rooms. For monitoring rentgenotechnika supplied dosimetric devices and for carrying out technical inspection and repair work is necessary tools. For rentgenotechnika directly involved in the commissioning, testing of x-ray equipment (with minor repairs directly on site), the working day is reduced to 6 hours and are entitled to additional leave.