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X-ray machines

Modern diagnostic x-ray machines allow, in addition to the transmission and receipt of common images, conduct chest x-rays (see) by attaching a special tripod-photofluorograph. Stationary x-ray units are supplied also with devices for tomography (see), kymography and legislationcomparee. Introduction to the design of the x-ray system of electron-optical amplification (EO) gave the opportunity to apply not only filming for x-ray examinations, dynamics, but also rentgenoterapii, thus significantly reducing radiation exposure of the patient and to release the radiologist from the need to consider the x-ray image in the dark on the screen, to x-ray.
Therapeutic x-ray machines are used for radiation exposure on pathological lesions located on the skin or on the known depth. The devices used for superficial and deep x-ray therapy (see). X-ray machines for deep therapy intended either for static (fixed)or for rolling (rotary, pendulum, convergent) exposure. For mobile irradiation of the direct beam of x-ray radiation all the time runs through a pathological focus be irradiated and external organs and the skin is exposed to alternately, allowing to lead to a deep internal homes necessary dose radiation with a significant sparing skin and superficial structure. In recent years, with therapeutic x-ray units for deep therapy successfully compete isotope gamma installation of high power, the betatrons and linear accelerators, creating electron and bremsstrahlung with maximum energy from 5 to 40 MeV and a better distribution of the absorbed dose in the body of the patient. In some therapeutic x-ray machines, instead of a time relay use relay dose that will automatically disable the high voltage at the given dose. The kit therapeutic x-ray unit includes x-ray filters (see) to obtain a more uniform x-rays and a set of tubes, fixing the distance of the focus skin and the bounding box of the irradiation of a certain size. In addition, the tubes when pressed reduce the blood supply of the skin, which reduces its sensitivity to x-rays and reduces the risk of damage in radiotherapy.