Resection is a surgical procedurethat involves the removal of part of an organ or anatomical education (lung, stomach, joint, bone and other). Indications: pathological changes, only exciting part of the body (the tumor, tissue necrosis, and others), correction acquired deformations, elimination of congenital anomalies, creation of new functional and anatomic correlations (for example, resection of the stomach with ulcers duodenal ulcer).
Resection can be completed connection preserved anatomical parts of education (for example, joint ends of the bones), by the substitution of resected plot (joint, bone, bowl) transplant (see Plastic surgery).
Resection can be extensive, when you make a removal as possible to a large extent (such as tumors of the stomach, large intestine); sectoral resection is the removal of part of the body within the affected tissue (part of the lobe of the lung disease); economical resection - delete probably smaller part of the affected tissues.