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If a Guinea pig to introduce into the skin or into a vein chicken or any other protein, mumps will take this introduction without any harm, and there was no reaction to this introduction will not be noticeable. But try 2-3 weeks to enter the same pig in a vein of the same protein. You will be witness to the tragic picture. After 2-3 minutes after the introduction of the pig starts to sneeze, cards feet nose, eyes, then convulsions, and even after 2-3 minutes, mumps already dead. This phenomenon sensitivity caused by pretreatment of the protein is called anaphylaxis. Why dies gilt from secondary introduction protein is absolutely harmless for the unprepared pigs? Assume that the immune substances, formed after the first injection of protein, are joined in the blood protein that is entered a second time. The resulting precipitate irritates nerve endings in the blood vessels. The vessels are compressed, and this spasm causes death.
The phenomenon of anaphylaxis is highly specific. The response in pigs occur only in case if second time you enter the same protein that for the first time. This phenomenon has another important feature. If the response to secondary introduction will not cause death (which can be achieved by reducing the dose again entered protein), the pig is quite insensitive to this protein, and you can enter it without any harm.
These features of the phenomenon of anaphylaxis were used for new attempts to detect tumors outside alien protein.
We took the cloth liver cancer man rubbed her into mush and added to the slurry water. Water extracted proteins from mashed cells, and thus was obtained extract proteins cancer of the liver. If cancer of the liver was the virus, protein, of which it consists, also came to our extract. How to find how to determine if a cancer of the liver, except hepatic protein, and even viral?
We introduced the extract under the skin of Guinea pigs. After three weeks of their sensitivity was tested as to extract a cancer of the liver, and to extract healthy liver. If the first extract is a viral protein, then maybe pigs will be more sensitive? Tried. One group of pigs, which three weeks ago was introduced cancer extract, were injected with extract from a healthy liver. No, no difference is not observed: "cancer" and "healthy" extracts cause pigs same phenomenon: they are itching, coughing, and some of them die in seizures. But, you may be able to notice the difference, if lower doses of extracts? Tried various doses. That's from a negligible dose "cancer" extract mumps only two times scratched his nose. Introduced another similar mumps extract from a healthy liver. No difference in response! Mumps too scratched his nose twice or three times, and no more phenomena. Again, failure! Chuvstvitelnaja method refuses to tell the difference in the proteins of cancerous and healthy liver. What should you do next? May be, in fact, to stop these experiences? Because there's nothing else that you could try!
The laboratory was sad. Work has stopped. Cooked in a large number of extracts, embarrassed the glacier. Do not pour them down the sink! Decided to try what happens if you enter the extracts pigs again. Here are pigs, which at first were injected with under the skin cancer extract, and then after 3 weeks in Vienna extract from a healthy liver is normal extract. They survived, although they were sick, it's hard. These pigs again introduced a "normal" extract. It took 5, 10, 15 minutes. No response: no scratching, no cough. Clear - to extract healthy liver mumps already not sensitive. What happens if you enter these pigs in Vienna extract from cancer of the liver? Probably, too, there will be no reaction. After all, between these extracts is no difference cannot be found. Introduced. A minute passes, and the other, suddenly mumps scratched his nose, coughed once, twice, cough became convulsed and she could hardly breathe with difficulty sucking in air, then severe convulsions, and death. What happened? It's probably some kind of an accident?! Repeated experience to another pig, which previously was introduced cancer extract and then extract from a healthy liver. That's the same thing. No responses to "normal" extract and heavy - cancer. Is it a coincidence! Experiments are put one after the other. Watch them come all the laboratory. Used all available mumps. Get fresh and again repeat these experiments. They put with extracts of human cancers, mice, rats, rabbits, chickens, monkeys. Everywhere one and the same picture. Pigs, which was introduced extract from the tumor and after repeated administration of an extract from healthy tissues became not sensitive to it, give severe, sometimes fatal, reactions to the introduction of tumor extract. So, in extracts from tumors is a protein that is not in the extracts of healthy organs. This protein is not in a healthy organism, he is a stranger, the alien to the body protein.