Retinitis is an inflammation of the retina of the eye; usually occurs simultaneously with the inflammatory process in the choroid (see Horioidit). Noninflammatory diseases of the retina, which are based on the defeat of vessels, metabolic disorders, diseases of the blood and other diseases are called retinopathy.
In retinal diseases patients complain of vision, appearance scotomas (see), loss of parts of the field of view. Only when retinoscopy a doctor-ophthalmologist can properly assess the clinical picture of the defeat of the retina.
Retinitis metastatic, septic occurs when skidding purulent infection in the blood vessels of the retina in sepsis or suppurative focus in an organism. Simultaneously with a sharp decrease in visual acuity is found in the retina multiple grayish-white foci and hemorrhage. To treat you the underlying disease.
Retinitis psevdoallergicakie occurs due to vascular disorders in General infection and intoxication. The process is usually reversible. To treat you the underlying disease.
Retinitis outer exudative (illness Coates) is observed more often in one eye in young people. May be complicated by secondary glaucoma (see), iridotsyklit (see), cataracts (see). The etiology is unknown. The prognosis is unfavorable. The treatment is symptomatic.
Retinitis proliferating develops at various inflammatory processes in the outcome of the exudative chorioretinitis, injuries with bleeding in the retina, thrombosis of the Central retinal vein, tuberculosis periflebit and other Necessary treatment of the underlying disease.
Retinitis with toxoplasmosis occurs in the form of the Central or peripheral exudative inflammation. Specific diagnosis and treatment, as with other forms of toxoplasmosis (see).
Retinopathy when hypertension is common; changes in the fundus of the eye allow to judge about the form, severity and stage of hypertension. You must treat the underlying disease.
Retinopathy in toxicosis of pregnancy occurs acutely, with a sharp decline of view, especially when eclampsia. After delivery or abortion usually vision is restored.
Retinopathy in diabetes is common and may lead to complete loss of vision. Changes in the fundus sometimes found out not earlier than in 5-10 years from the onset of diabetes. You must treat the underlying disease.

Fig. 1 - 6. The fundus of the eye. Fig. 1. Tuberculosis periflebit the retina. Fig. 2. Psevdoallergicakie retinitis. Fig. 3. Hypertensive neuromyopathy. Fig. 4. Renal neuromyopathy. Fig. 5. Leukemia retinopathy. Fig. 6. Outer exudative retinopathy Coates.