retinoblastomaRetinoblastoma (previously incorrectly called "glioma of the retina) - primary malignant tumor originating from the optical part of the retina. There is reason to believe her birth. Develops from the nervous elements of the retina. Retinoblastoma occurs in children of early age; often (20%) of the tumor is in both eyes. Sometimes amazed several family members. Usually parents notice a yellowish glow of the pupil (this eye is called "amaurocichla cat's eye")that causes them to seek medical attention. The forecast is unfavorable for vision and life (if the tumor has spread outside of the eyeball).
Treatment of retinoblastoma - timely enucleation of the affected eye (see Enucleation of the eye); with bilateral lesions make a removal of one eye (with a big defeat); in addition, combination therapies - radiation and chemotherapy.