Zapotocny (retropharyngiales) abscess

zapotocny (retropharyngiales) abscessZapotocny abscess (retropharyngeal abscess) is formed as a result of festering lymph nodes, located on the back of the throat, in the so-called zagadochnom space. There zapotocny abscess mainly in early childhood in malnourished and weak children. The infection penetrates here through the lymph system on the part of the nasal cavity.
Symptoms. Abscess occurs at high temperatures (up to 39-40 degrees). Podergivani and pain when swallowing lead to refusal of food; food often gets in the nose and throat. There is also difficulty in nasal breathing, voice becomes muffled and indistinct, breathing is accompanied by the rattle, increasing during sleep. When viewed from the nasopharynx is determined swelling, often located slightly above the soft palate, closer to one half of the pharynx (Fig).
Treatment zagadochnogo abscess is an early opening it and in subsequent antibiotic therapy.
Scalpel wrap sticky patch, leaving the end of a length of 0.5 cm free, and make a small incision abscess, then extend the incision with the help of forceps and quickly duck child down and anterior to avoid penetration of pus in your throat. Usually, after the opening of abscess soon begins recovery.