Forecast rheumatism

To establish the forecast of rheumatic fever are of importance: 1) the patient's age-of-onset - poor prognosis with the onset of preschool and early school age; 2) the preferential localization rheumatic lesions, and his character is the best prognosis with predominant lesion of nervous system and skin-visceral form, the worst in the cardiac form; 3) the frequency and nature of recurrence of the disease prognosis, the worse it is, the more often and closer to each other was followed by a relapse; 4) the nature and severity of heart disease and its functional state at the time of the establishment of the forecast - combined heart and with myocardiosclerosis again decompensaciei in most cases determine the dubious or poor prognosis; 5) the conditions in which the patient is treated (inpatient, outpatient, home treatment). Forecast for rheumatism decreases considerably occurrence of thromboembolic complications of atrial fibrillation with repeated failure.
All Soviet experts over the past decade note an improvement in the General forecast of rheumatism in connection with the improvement of diagnosis of the disease, its treatment and prevention: reduction of the frequency of forms with severe heart damage, reduction of mortality and the percentage of disability.