Rheumatism - system infectious and allergic disease of connective tissue with predominant localization in the heart. Rheumatic fever - common disease. Basically they get sick children (2-3% of students).
Rheumatic fever develops after a sore throat or other infection diseases. Sensitizing agents (Streptococcus, virus, non-specific allergens, and so on) cause allergic inflammation in the heart, then develops an autoimmune process, which produces autoantibodies, affecting the heart.
The disease often begins acutely, but sometimes it develops gradually, and sometimes may have latent period. Inflammation of the joints and high body temperature rheumatism in recent years are rare. Joint pain can occur without swelling, and the body temperature rises to 38 degrees. Often develop heart failure. Serious consequences have heart failure: rheumatic endocarditis, as a rule, leads to heart disease and rheumatic myocarditis - to cardiosclerosis.
Rheumatic fever occurs as a chronic disease in which there are two phases: active and inactive. The reactivation of the process (attack of rheumatism) usually leads to the further development of pathological changes in the heart. Rheumatism reduces work capacity, leads to disability. Therefore, for the treatment is carried out stage-by-stage rehabilitation: a hospital - cardiological sanatorium - clinic and dispensary registration, surveillance and prevention activities.
The tasks of medical physical culture are: to improve the overall tone and reduced sensitivity of the body, improving the compensation due to the activation extracardiac factors of blood circulation, improved adaptation to physical loads.
Therapeutic physical training in the active phase of rheumatoid arthritis in endocarditis and myocarditis is assigned when incase of critical phenomena and the temperature drops to subfebrile. The sequence in the expansion of motor mode and method of practice is similar to that described in myocardial infarction.
On strict bed and bed modes along with exercise, improves blood circulation by intensifying its extracardiac factors, used massage. Movement, causing pain, run with incomplete amplitude.
On the ward and a free mode gymnastic exercises and walking (she is dosed for patients with angina) supplemented simulation exercises, games and slot assignments, exercises to improve posture.
In the inactive phase rheumatism rehabilitation continues in the cardiological sanatorium, where depending on the functional state of the cardiovascular system and the time elapsed after the last attack of rheumatism, is assigned to one of three sanatorium modes. To improve physical performance therapeutic gymnastics should be complemented dosed walking, games, items, sports, dancing, middle tourism. After the Spa treatment, patients remain therapeutic physical culture in the clinic or at a special medical group of the school. 6 months after additional medical examination, they are transferred to the preparatory group, and a year later, when indicated, in the main.

Therapeutic physical culture (physical therapy) for rheumatism.

When choosing exercises and determining the dosage to practice physical therapy in rheumatoid arthritis are considered the character of current and phase of the disease, General condition, physical development and preliminary physical fitness of the patient.
Physical therapy is used to raise the General tone of the patient (child), improvement of the functional state of myocardium and peripheral blood circulation (through training of auxiliary factors of blood circulation), deep breathing, stimulates metabolism, improve joint mobility and strengthening of nervous system.
In the hospital after acute nephritis phenomena attack, when a patient is on polumetallam mode, you can apply remedial exercises in lying position within 7-10 minutes Are basic exercises for small joints of the hands and feet (calm) in combination with breathing. In further exercises in a hall sitting and standing for 10 to 15 minutes, use exercises for hands, feet and body. After discharge from the hospital children temporarily freed from physical training at school. When admitted to a sanatorium in the period up to 1 year after suffering an attack and expressed in the circulatory inefficiency patient is prescribed therapy with a combination of basic exercises for small and medium groups of muscles of the arms and legs with respiratory lying down and sitting 10-15 minutes in a year after suffering an attack of rheumatism with mitral valve insufficiency and a circulatory inefficiency of the I degree are assigned a sparing mode: morning hygienic gymnastics, gymnastics, dosed walking dimensional step to 3 km, path, sedentary games; the procedures of physiotherapy duration 20-25 minutes apply exercises available for hand, foot, the housing provisions of sitting, standing.
In the absence of attacks within two years, with full compensation circulatory functions assigned tonic mode: morning hygienic gymnastics, gymnastics, Hiking walking, health path, excursions, games, skiing (45-60 minutes).