The sanatorium mode

In the General complex of a sanatorium-and-Spa treatment of children of the day is essential. Rational his organization, careful create optimal conditions for efficient actions of therapeutic interventions, promotes the formation of useful things for the baby dynamic stereotype, the consolidation of which is in the home helps to restore healthy lifestyles, disease prevention. The mode of the day in children's sanatorium different age and health profile has its own characteristics, but the basic principles of compiling it are common. Provides for a sufficient duration of night and sleep during the day, correct timing of food intake, food loads, management succession tempering and therapeutic procedures, leisure, school, walking, educational, group, pioneer works. Necessarily long stay outdoors in all seasons of the year.
The day is being built in accordance with the time of year, varies depending on the age and state of health of children, medical profile of sanatorium. In health facilities, where patients are treated in the inactive phase of the disease, it is possible to organize more active motoring impact on thermoregulation using hardening, swimming, sport games.
The daily schedule should be posted in the offices and well-known medical and pedagogical staff. He must be dynamic and personalized. During treatment it change so as to provide favorable conditions for increasing the functional capacity of developing the child's body and recovery of the child.
In children's sanatoria apply three basic mode of the day: gentle, restorative and training.
Gently appoint temporarily to all children within the first 5-10 days (depending on the state of health and age of the child), with intercurrent illness or worsening of the basic disease process. Provide limit physical activity, climatic treatment for weak cold load, sanation of focal infection, calm table games.
When positive trends in the period of adaptation of the child is transferred to the tonic mode: gradually increase the intensity of climatic procedures (mild to moderate), increase physical activity in physical therapy, conduct balneotherapy, physiotherapy and other treatment methods in optimal age dosages.
Training mode is prescribed as the reactivity of the body, the nervous, cardiovascular and other systems (usually in the second half of the course of treatment). This mode of motion activity is approaching the mode of practically healthy children. Continue climate therapy, physical therapy, gradually finish carrying out special methods of treatment. Training mode is preparing the child to stay at home, school, kindergarten.
In the mode of the day for children of any age plays an important role sufficient amount of sleep. Given the decline in the functional abilities of the nervous system of sick children, the duration of night sleep should be a bit higher, than in healthy peers, mandatory sleeping or relaxing stay in bed during the day. For children of preschool age is recommended duration of sleep at night for 11 hours and day during 2-2,5 hours, for younger students-10 hours at night and 2 hours during the day for the senior - 9 hours at night and 1.5 hours a day. Morning rise children should not start before 7 o'clock Put on night sleep preschoolers preferably in 20 h, primary school students in 21 hours, senior - 22 hours To dream of children was calm and deep need to be well aired bedrooms and maintain complete silence.
At night the kids bedroom should be lit with a soft, weak light. Daytime sleep is better to be outside on the veranda, in klimatopavilon or climaterelated, which use the open Windows and heating is achieved sufficient aeration.
The power mode to build so that the interval between meals was 3-4 hours In children's sanatorium provides 4-5 meals a day. Time each meal exactly is set in the mode of the day, it promotes the development of useful conditioned reflex. Breakfast should be not later than one hour after recovery. Next, the power mode is constructed depending on climatic conditions, peculiarities medical complex and organization of training sessions.
For major therapeutic treatments and exercise therapy should be provided in the first half of the day. Complex reactive changes in the body of the child, emerging after admission procedures require rest period of at least 20 to 60 minutes depending on the patient's condition and nature of the procedure. Not recommended procedures immediately after meals or on an empty stomach; some individual therapeutic procedures can be conducted in the second half of the day.
The measurement of body temperature spend all children in the morning in bed before lifting, the second time - after a day dream. Diagnostic and functional studies are held 3-4 times during the child's stay in a sanatorium or a recreation camp, more often if necessary.
In the mode of the day various health centers for schoolchildren provided training sessions with a teacher. Given the reduced disease functionality children, most therapeutic load and the need of rest after procedures, duration of a lesson in sanatoriums reduced to 35-40 min, and the number of lessons to 3-4. The number of students in class is reduced, during recess provided their stay in the fresh air.
An important role in the rehabilitation and treatment of children has a maximum stay on the air. It is achieved by conducting outdoors as possible regime moments - day dream, some lessons, group lessons, games. In winter children must spend in the air not less than 3-4 h, which is carried out in 2-3 reception. Children for walks should dress warmly, but avoid wrapping. It is necessary to watch, that their legs were always dry and warm. In all branches of the health resort must be the dryer for shoes, socks and clothing. In summer, children can stay in the air almost all day, sometimes around the clock (for example, in sanatoriums with diseases of the musculoskeletal system in Evpatoria and Gelendzhik, with diseases of respiratory organs-in Kislovodsk, Yalta and others).
For tempering water procedures as an important factor of prevention is better to provide time in the morning right after the morning exercises. During vacation time children spend more time in the air is engaged in health procedures, group work, occupational therapy.
The mode of the day for pre-school children is based on the same principle, but instead of classes arrange walking, playing with educators, teachers.
Based on these General principles of the regime of the day, taking into account the specialization of the sanatorium, time of year, local specifics the head of the institution together with the doctors, teachers, educators, pioneer workers is a particular routine, providing possibility of treatment and improvement of children. Control of all events from the point of view of the admissibility of certain loads for the entire detachment or each child separately is carried out by doctors offices, the chief physician. A necessary condition is the close collaboration in the work of medical and pedagogical workers.