The role of women's organizations

Naturally, every mother wants her child to eat as good as possible. In this connection it is difficult to overestimate the role of women's organizations in the promotion of programmes of breastfeeding. One of the leading organizations in this field is the international League of Lalesa, based in the USA a quarter of a century ago and now have many branches in different countries.
The task of women's organizations promoting breastfeeding, are the following:
1) meetings to discuss various aspects of breastfeeding. In the discussions should involve a competent person with convincing evidence. Especially important is the participation in such meetings pregnant and lactating women, who should give necessary explanations and answers to their questions and to dispel any possible fears or false representation;
2) organizing individual consultations for pregnant women and women during the postnatal period. Consultations are held by women, in the past successfully nursing children. Practice shows that the greatest effect is achieved in the case when such conversations undertaken by women of the same age or a little older)that come for advice;
3) dissemination of adequate information through posters, brochures, articles in women's magazines, Newspapers, and on radio and television;
4) assistance and support maternity hospitals, which is conducted active work on promotion of breastfeeding;
5) the participation and support of programs for the collection and storage of breast milk by attracting donors.