Rose hip

briar cinnamon
Fig. 84. Briar cinnamon (right - fetus).

The cinnamon rose (Rosa cinnamomea L.), as well as the thorny rose (Rosa acicularis Lindl.), briar wrinkled (Rosa rugosa Thunb.), rose of Bigger (Rosa beggeriana Schrenk) and other species with high content of vitamin C - wild and introduced into the culture of the plant. The fruitscontaining vitamin C and other vitamins, used for the prevention and treatment of scurvy and other avitaminosis. From the extract of the fruit of the wild rose dog (Rosa canina l) and other nizkomolekularnah species of wild rose received the drug for holosas (see).
Rose is the richest Treasury of various vitamins. Nature knows no other such a product, so rich in vitamin C, fruit, or, more precisely, gipantii (outgrower receptacle), dog-rose. The flesh, cleaned of seeds, skins and setae, supply of vitamin C sometimes reaches 15 - 20%. They contain carotene (provitamin a), vitamin B2, P, K, sugar, acids, pectin and coloring matter. Even in the leaves rosehip contains ascorbic acid.
Drink half a glass of broth hips and save energy for the whole day. If you drink vitamin tea regularly, flu, sore throat and other diseases will not be able to get close to you. Put the rose in school, around the garden, along the street, by the way. He is going to live, if only the sun was.
It is interesting to create in the school garden collection of this plant: the rose of Bigger and Fedchenko, wrinkled, cinnamon, spined, Daursky, dog, large-fruited.
It seems that long ago, is going around the world fame of the medicinal properties of rose hips. And I can't believe that vitamin C in it was discovered quite recently, in 1931
Briar well grows from the root offsprings, forming layers, underground stems, stool shoots. It can be diluted green grafts. When sowing seeds need to remember that they need stratification. Therefore, the seeds are sown immediately from ripe fruit in the earth in the fall.
Briar gratefully responds to care, fertilizing the soil, pruning. In the culture of one plant you can get up to 5 kg of fruit. Lives Bush to 25-30 years old.
On plantations hips should be planted only vysokovitaminnye plants. As always, plants have little secrets that help quickly find among the great variety. This secret is, and the roses. Look at its fruit. The vysokovitaminnye types of hard sepals are, as a rule, standing upright, and Nezavitin pressed against the walls of the fetus.