Scarlatina rubella

Scarlatina measles (rubeola scarlatinosa; synonym: the fourth disease, a disease Filatov - Duks) - an acute infectious disease characterized by symptoms typical of mild form of scarlet fever. First described N. F. Filatov in 1885, and in 1900 under the name of "the fourth disease English physician Duks.
The etiology and the basic laws of epidemiology not known. There is an opinion that scarlatina rubella is a kind of rubella. Many scientists believe that called scarlatina rubella hidden light atypical forms of scarlet fever, which should be considered when carrying out anti-epidemic measures.
The clinical picture. The incubation period is 1-3 weeks. The main symptoms include mild fever without any disturbances of health of the patient, skarlatinopodobnoy petechial rash, disappearing on the 2nd or 3rd day of the disease. After the disappearance of rash pigmentation and peeling is not observed. In the shed there is a slight hyperemia, a slight swelling of the tonsils. As a rule, increase the occipital and zadaszenia lymph nodes.
Differential diagnostics is carried out with scarlet fever (see), measles rubella (see), serum sickness (see). The prognosis is favorable. Complications are not observed. Treatment of symptomatic.