Damage sharp and cutting items

Cutting tools in cross section have shaped wedge, more or less sharp blade and considerable weight (axes, mowers, sabers, swords, broadswords, and others). Chopped damage can also be caused by shovel, hoe, and other Characteristic features chopped damage is considerable depth and dissection underlying bone.
The character and features of skin wounds depends on what part of the blade of the axe of the caused damage. If damage is caused to the middle part of the blade, the wound will have a linear form with smooth edges and sharp ends. At blows "toe" or "heel" of the axe wound has a triangular shape with one acute and other U-shaped ends. Under the action of the splitting of the subject at an acute angle to the surface of the body arise patchwork wounds. One edge of the wound (from an acute angle) can be asadmin (Fig. 47). Under the action of cutting tools with serialnum and polluted blade and blade along the edges of the wounds can develop uneven stripes (sadnenia) and wiping, but with little sharp blade and headbands rubdown.
Damage to bone blade chopping subject can lead to the appearance on the surface of a cut traces specific instance traumatic subject. Separate roughnesses and tiny notch on the blade left on the bone (sometimes visible to the naked eye when konopataya light) the marks in the form of alternating ridges and grooves. Therefore the study of the surface of cut bones (cartilage) is of great importance, as the comparative study and comparison with traces obtained through experimentation, you can set a particular instance of a gun, with which caused the damage.

education chopped wounds
Fig. 47. Education chopped wounds.

Cutting items with a blunt blade (cleaver, hoes and other) cause damage that can remind wounds from shock edge tubegranny items.
Under the action of cutting items are often observed damage to bones, the nature of which depends on the force of the blow and the angle at which it was done, the depth of the blade, the degree of sharpness of the blade, the characteristics of the damaged area and tissues and, finally, on its own or someone's hand was due to injury. Damage to bones can be in the form of cuts (by blows with a small force), the slits and comminuted fractures.

Fig. 48. Multiple chopped head wounds caused own hand (suicide)

For damage caused by cutting the subject own hand, have the following features: the multiplicity and superficiality damage, sometimes with one more deep; single direction shock and localization of damage in a small area; infliction of damage to one part of the splitting of the subject (for example, the heel or toe of his axe); outcrop area damage from service (Fig. 48). For strikes someone's hand, typical: deep injury, multiple damages, each of which in itself could lead to death; different direction and location of damage; the potential presence of other damages, except chopped; signs of a struggle and self-defense.