Fig. 44. Raspberry.

Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) is a wild plant. Contains organic acids and pectin substances. The infusion of dried fruits - diaphoretic. Drink hot as tea.
Beckon red berries, but not directly to him again. By the end of summer poor raspberry happens trampled, that it is amazing that in itself comes. I don't think people that will break, will trample down young shoots of raspberry and don't need to come here next year. Berries and there only matured. But this is priceless treasure of our forests, which only useful substances they do not have. Five organic acids salicylic acid, malic, citric, formic, nylon; tannin, pectin and nitrogenous substances, salts of potassium, copper, vitamin C, carotene, a little bit of b vitamins, essential oils. And this is not all: in raspberry seeds are fatty oil.
Just had a cold and a fever or flu with angina who knows where it came from, brewed dry fruits raspberry - first aid. The heat will remove, sweat hunt, look - and all the sickness passed.
This tea is good for increasing of the appetite, to the intestines worked better with a breakdown and headaches.
Fresh berries quench thirst and improve digestion. Raspberries, included in the diet accelerate treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as they have antiemetic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. You can use made of raspberry syrup, jam, jams, compotes.
The juice of fresh fruits raspberry lowers blood sugar in diabetes mellitus. Frozen fruits and dried raspberries used as an anti-sclerotic drug. Raspberries is not suitable for jade and gout.
Healing and raspberry leaves. The infusion of them take as astringent and anti-inflammatory agent with gastritis, enteritis, various respiratory disease. Drink it at rashes, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases. Rinse at the time of angina. Useful broth branches, roots.
And gives all this wild raspberries. Garden acts much weaker, and the scent of her much less.
For raspberries have to go in dry weather, when it gets dry dew. To collect only ripe fruit without peduncles and receptacle. The fruits of raspberry very gentle, easy to crumple and spoil, so put them better in small, shallow baskets - the baskets.
After preliminary drying fruits raspberry should be dried in the dryer with the temperature of 50-60 grades layer of 2-3 see Can be dried in ovens.