Russell environment

Russell environment (F. Russell) - dense color differential diagnostic environment used for the identification of microbes intestinal group. Wednesday Russell can be prepared on any basis: meat or kazeinovyj perepare on Hottinger (respectively divorced in 5-6 or 4-5 times), yeast autolysate (filtered and diluted in 2 times), the open-hearth furnace peptone, etc. To melted and cooled to 50-60° 1% of the agar made on any nutritional basis, add 4% indicator Andrade, establish pH 7.3 to 7.4 and then added 1% lactose and 0.1% glucose. Ready environment Russell transparent and has a light yellow color. Wednesday poured tube 10-15 ml and is sterilized by autoclaving at temperature 112 degrees and in the last 20 minutes or fluid the ferry 2-3 days to 30 minutes, after which allowed to harden, so that the lower part was left column, and the top was cut.
Sowing on the environment Russell produce a deep stab in the bar and sieving touch on the surface sloped part. Crops are placed in the thermostat at the temperature of 37 degrees and on the next day take into account the results. With the growth of bacteria, spaziali glucose (pathogens of dysentery, Tivo-partypany infections), is redness environment only in the depth of the column by injection. Education gas is logged on to bubbles generated in the thickness of the environment, that in case of intensive gas leads to the break of the column. With the growth of bacteria, spaziali lactose (E. coli), there is a sudden reddening of the environment as by injection, and the bar on the sloping surface.
There are various modifications of environment Russell, in which glucose and lactose replaced respectively mannitol and sucrose or prepare lactose-saharoza-Manitou environment; in certain cases to the environment add chloride lead to register the formation of hydrogen sulphide. As an indicator can also be used bronchiology blue, rossolovo acid, phenol red, and 0,1% alcohol solution (1,6%) of bromocresol purple. Sometimes apply a dry environment type of environment Russell and environment Russell made from dry environments gissa.
Cm. also Differential diagnostic environment.