Market (sanitary-hygienic requirements). The market used for trading food and some industrial goods.
The market equipped premises (shops, pavilions, tents, canopies, tables, etc.
The construction of markets is made on standard projects, coordinated with the state sanitary supervision. The market should be not closer than 1.5 km from landfills, slurry tanks fields and at least 0.5 km from industrial plants and warehouses, where the production or storage associated with the release of dust and harmful gases. This provides for maximum improvement of the market, the adequacy of the territory, asphalting, ensure good access roads, wide passages between the rows. The width of main passage should be not less than 6 m, the passages between the rows of 4 m and interior corridors - 2 m
On the collective farm markets, trade in live animals and birds must be conducted in specially allocated area, separated from the boundaries of the market and residential areas not less than 100 m
Markets provide water supply and Sewerage, irrigation water column and drinking fountains. Flush the toilet with wash basins are located not closer than 25 m from the extreme places in the food trade. In the absence of water supply and sewage Pets local water supply (artesian well and others), and bathrooms with waterproof well placed not closer than 50 m from the extreme places in the food trade. The device absorption wells is prohibited.
The collective farm markets are provided with equipment (scales, knives, forks and axes, trays, trays and other, net aprons, oversleeves, towels, etc. On the markets should be refrigerators for short term storage of perishable goods (see); one of the chambers of the refrigerator is used to store conditionally suitable products before deciding on their use. To implement systematic sanitary control on the organized market of meat-dairy and food control stations (see)that check the quality of food products to their implementation.
The observation of the sanitary condition of the market is sanitary epidemiological station at the place of location of the market. Cm. Veterinary-sanitary supervision.