• Sugar and human health
  • Sugar (as food) is a carbohydrate (sucrose), derived from charcodebase plants - beet and cane.
    Sugar is the best food product for a quick recovery demands. 100 g contain sugar 410 calories. However, excessive consumption of sugar with insufficient physical activity, especially the elderly, leading to increased groovezone in the body, NCEP (see Cholesterolemia).
    Sugar is a homogeneous mass largest brilliant crystals of white color. The content of sugar in it must be at least of 99.75%, moisture not more than 0.15%; impurities are not allowed. The solution of sugar in the water should be transparent.
    In addition to the sugar industry produces pressed, cast and crushed refined sugar, the sugar content of which should be not less than 99.9%. The moisture content in Presolana the sugar should be not more than 0.2%, and in a cast and Kolatom - not more than 0.4% by weight.
    Sugar substitutes - saccharin, xylitol and sorbitol - organic substances used for sweetening foods for obesity (see) and diabetes (see Diabetes mellitus).
    Saccharin (aresolved benzoic acid) is a white crystalline powder and odourless, very sweet taste, well soluble in hot water, possesses antimicrobial and diuretic properties. Saccharin approximately 500 times sweeter than sugar, but the nutritional value has not, is not absorbed by the body very quickly excreted from the body in an unmodified form. Use of 50 mg saccharin per Cup of tea or coffee is not harmful effect on the human body.
    Sorbitol (shestiyaderny alcohol obtained by restoring glucose) is a crystal powder of white color, sweet taste, and odourless, soluble in water. It is contained in berries mountain ash and many fruits. In addition, a small number of sorbitol contained in the waste of sugar manufacture. The sweetness of sorbitol in two times less than the Sahara. Caloric value of 1 g of sorbitol is 3.4 kcal. Entering the body, it does not cause a rise in blood sugar levels or causes slightly. The use of sorbitol for a long time revealed its full acceptability and safety in the diet of diabetics. In addition, sorbitol has choleretic action. Sorbitol is also used as a nutrient medium for some microorganisms.
    Xylitol (polyhydric alcohol), as well as sorbitol, used as a sweet harmless substances. It is derived from xylan - carbohydrate, which together with the cellulose contained in lignified the plant cell wall, and wheat straw (on average 25%), sunflower husk, etc., In its properties xylitol is close to sorbitol and does not exert any negative influence on the condition of the body. It is two times sweeter than sugar and calorie content is not inferior to him. Xylitol has choleretic and laxative effect. Uses up to 50 grams per day.
    Sugar substitutes used in the manufacture of soft drinks and confectionery. On the labels of these products must indicate that the product prepared on saccharin, sorbitol or xylitol.
    Cm. also Carbohydrates.