Acrodynia - pain in the rump. Acrodynia is a symptom of various diseases. Often acrodynia occurs in diseases of the bones of the skeleton (congenital anomalies, lesions, inflammatory diseases, disorders of the statics of a curvature of the spine, tumors and other), diseases of the muscles of the lumbar and gluteal region (injury, inflammatory process), diseases of nervous system malformations, inflammatory changes (neurobiology, neuritis, sciatica and other), metabolism disorders, in case of compression of the nerve trunks and roots of the spinal cord protruding vertebrae, functional diseases of nervous system (neurasthenia, hysteria, and others).
Acrodynia can accompany various diseases of internal organs: kidneys, intestines, vermiform process, uterus and appendages. In obstetric-gynecological practice of pain in the rump most commonly accompany childbirth when rigidity of the cervix, interrupted ectopic pregnancy, ovarian apoplexy, endometriosis, inflammatory diseases of the uterus, especially if they are involved in the pathological process of the pelvic peritoneum, wrong position of the uterus and other
For all the variety of reasons-acrodynia the mechanism of its origin has a reflective character. The pain of the sacral area can irrationality in the shoulder area, vulva, rectum. The pain pass for the treatment of the main disease; in the process of healing the sick on the testimony can be assigned different painkillers.