Homemade weapons

Homemade weapons produce artisanal way, it is generally smooth, adapted to fire standard cartridges, often small-caliber (5.6 mm) as the most accessible. In form it may resemble a weapon (pistols, revolvers) or it produce a pen, combined with handle (handle) piercing-rioseco weapons and other firing of homemade weapons are ineffective, especially at a distance of more than 15-20 m, as the bullet in the smooth trunk does not receive rotation along the longitudinal axis at departure from the trunk gets coveritlive movement. Consequently, the bullet penetrating the barrier, forms input gunshot wound its different parts (lateral surface and others). The wound channel usually broken and larger than the diameter of the bullet. Initial speed of a bullet fired from a makeshift weapons is always lower than when you shot the same ammo from conventional weapons. A significant part of the powder burns. In this regard, gunshot wounds caused homemade weapons, usually blind, and when fired at close range around the inlet (wounds) show a large amount of unburned grains of powder. Homemade weapons (samopali, podrygi and others) sometimes made from a variety of tubes (usually iron or steel) by jamming cover one end of the tube, which is attached to a piece of wood, imitates the handle of the gun. In hook beside the door, closer to the free end, seed drill hole. The tube fall asleep a powder or substitutes (crushed flammable film, the weight of match heads, and others). In some cases on a "powder charge" put the wad (often a piece of paper, a piece of cloth, and then the projectile (bullet, a piece of lead shot, chopped nails, stone and other). A shot made by the ignition of combustible matter through bare hole. Often the bullet (or its substitute) jams in the trunk-tube. Sharply increasing pressure in the "trunk" often cause it to rupture, and a separate fragments of the "barrel" can cause damage to the shooter. A shot of homemade weapons at a close distance (in emphasis, from a distance of several centimeters) under condition of its equipment with a mass of match heads can cause lethal damage, literally burning input gunshot wound. When "idle" shot from close range input wound may arise from the actions of wad found in the wound tract.
Modified the weapon made from a rifle or srednetajelogo by otbelivanie butt and shortening of the trunk (bleed). Section of the trunk with the rifling, it turns out short, in the pool is not reported longitudinal rotary motion, which also leads to kowariantna flight. Quite often the bullet for the departure from this stem falling apart, which makes multiple openings.
When shot from the gun, made of smooth-bore guns, celebrated dispersion fraction shorter the plot and the area is large.
It should be noted that when firing from trimming staff cartridges dramatically increasing the returns that can cause damage to the hands of the gunman.
As a kind of firearms (atypical weapons) in forensic practice may make special devices and tools that use the energy of burning gunpowder - various drills and construction pistols. The first is intended for punching of holes in metal structures, the second - for hammering a kind of nails (anchors) in a concrete wall. Such instruments have a charger, where insert "blank" cartridge. Energy shot is spent on shock-and-forth motion of the dowel or punch.