Moonshine is a strong alcoholic drinkmade at home from carbohydrates, starches; contain harmful impurities.
To obtain alcohol use bread, sugar, grapes and other carbohydrate or starchy foods that are alcoholic fermentation. Getting ethyl alcohol of these products is achieved by fermentation filtered wort yeast. After distillation brew it turns out colorless, slightly unclear, smell strongly distillate, containing up to 70 - 80 about. % ethyl alcohol and a significant number of other volatile substances that have a toxic effect on the organism. These include fusel oils (see), acids, complex ethers, aldehydes and other dangerous chemicals in moonshine is: fusel oil - 0,1 - 0,9 about. %, aldehydes - 0,004-0,02 about. %, the furfural - 0,001-0,01 about. %. Once in the body, these impurities slowly oxidized and can cause severe intoxication. The existence and content of harmful impurities can be detected by special methods.
In the USSR the production of moonshine was punished by law (for example, senior 158 of the criminal code of the RSFSR).