Self-help and mutual aid

Section in a popular form about the necessity of the preparation of the entire population to provide first medical aid to itself (self-help) and friend (mutual assistance) in case of accidents in the home and at work, and with the defeat of the war. Timely and skillfully rendered self-help and mutual aid, even with heavy losses helps to save health and the lives of many victims. The brochure describes the possible types of injuries among people with different natural disasters, accidents, injuries of war. See also the rules and methods of first aid, using a variety of available tools in the provision of self - and mutual aid. Special attention is paid to medical first aid for injuries and bleeding, crushing of soft tissues, shock, burns, fractures, suffocation, drowning, the defeat of poisonous substances, radiation sickness, etc. For clarity ways of rendering of the first medical aid illustrated.
Is intended for a wide circle of readers.

All the things mentioned in this section will help quickly and to provide first aid.
It should also be remembered that few know the methods of first aid, must constantly train in the implementation of these techniques. Necessary skill gives not only the provision of first medical help in case of accidents in the home and at work, but learning these techniques, family members, friends and comrades.
Every citizen should be able to provide first aid, this will save the health and lives of many victims of natural disaster, accidents in the home, on the street, manufacturing and agriculture.
The ability to provide first aid is a public duty and responsibility of every citizen!

Health is the greatest value, it is necessary for each person. Health of the population and a large public wealth. It allows individuals to fully reveal their creativity in the creative work aimed at the benefit of human society, to build communism in our country.
That is why the Program of the Communist party of the Soviet Union paid great attention to the care of the health of the entire population from the first days of birth of the person, including concern about the increase in the length of his life. Despite wide system of socio-economic, sanitary and medical measures aimed at prevention of diseases and maintenance of health of the population, the possibility of occurrence of diseases remains.
Because of certain adverse environmental conditions, natural disasters and accidents in the home, on the street, at work, agricultural work, every person can get something defeat threat to his health, and sometimes life. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that, despite the peaceful policy of the Communist party and the government of the Soviet Union, aggressive forces can provoke a new war.
Modern war with nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons of mass destruction can cause huge civilian casualties, cause most varied according to the type of lesion, dangerous for life and health of the victims. The sooner treated each victim, the more likely to maintain his health and life.
Skillfully and quickly rendered the first medical aid in the form of a self-help or mutual support will facilitate and make it more successful follow-up care provided by a physician or other health care provider.
This book is a new edition of the brochure "self-Help and mutual aid in the centers of mass destruction". It talks about how to render the first medical aid to itself or to another person in various lesions and especially with the emergence of centers of mass destruction.