Sanitary protection of the territory

Sanitary protection of the territory (sanitary border protection) is a set of measures applied to prevent the introduction of quarantine infectious diseases (plague, cholera, yellow fever, smallpox, typhus and recurrent fever).
Measures for sanitary protection of territories by the international sanitary conventions and agreements, as well as special instructions of the Ministry of health of the USSR.
Sanitary protection of the territory is sanitary-quarantine offices basin and port of epidemiological stations, sanitary checkpoints train epidemiological stations, international airport and highway, medical observation stations and posts, and all epidemiological stations and other specialized agencies of sanitary-epidemiological service of the Ministry of health of the USSR.
Measures for sanitary protection of territories are divided into administrative-sanitary and health.
Among the administrative and sanitary measures include: the prohibition of entry and exit of persons, sick or having a possible contact with sick quarantine infections; prohibition to receive parcels or goods from countries affected by the plague, and food products from countries affected by cholera; closure of its border in case of plague or cholera; introduction of quarantine regime on the territory, which is the center of quarantine infectious diseases.
Health measures are: a) sanitary inspection of cargoes, Luggage and vehicles; b) medical examination of patients and persons having contact with patients, from the number of arriving passengers or staff; C) isolation of patients or persons suspected to be infected with quarantine infections; g) observation of the persons who had contacts with infected; d) conducting of disinfection, disinsection and deratisation means of transport, transport objects, cargo and baggage, suspicious, infected with quarantine infections; f) emergency notification about detection of cases of quarantine infections or deaths from these infections the higher authorities of health; g) the preventive vaccination in the hearth and for persons traveling to countries disadvantaged by quarantine infections.
All vessels calling at the ports of the countries unfavorable on plague and cholera, must have the necessary anti-epidemic property in case of occurrence of the disease on Board. On the territory of ports and similar structures at least 2 times a year should be a continuous extermination of rodents.
Sanitary-quarantine facilities (see) should have the necessary premises, property and drugs for isolation and hospitalization of patients, and also for the purpose of observation were in contact with patients. Each item must have the equipment and facilities for conducting of disinfection, disinsection and deratization.
In case of importation from abroad wool, hides and livestock can be also included some other infections (anthrax, tularemia, brucellosis and other). Measures against these infections are sanitary-epidemiological service in collaboration with the veterinary-sanitary supervision (see).