Sanatorium-preventorium (night sanatorium preventorium)- medical and preventive institution of sanatorium type, for maintenance workers, employees, farmers and students mostly without separation from everyday activity. Sanatorium are the responsibility of the factory, the factory and the local trade Union committees and administration of enterprises. They are organized in the premises provided and equipped by the administration of the respective organizations or institutions.
In the sanatorium-preventorium sent workers and employees, in the dispensary for chronic diseases, long-term and often ill, suffered severe illness, injury, surgery, and working in unfavorable conditions for prevention of occupational diseases. Trade Union committees, if necessary, can be sent for treatment in the sanatorium-preventorium of workers and employees during their annual leave.
Medical selection in the sanatorium-preventorium is carried out by doctors or the relevant attached to the venture medical institutions. Thus patients are held all medical research, the results of which are recorded in sanatorium-resort card. For each-in the sanatorium-preventorium is the selection of persons, as a rule, with similar diseases. Patients in need of special care and suffering from infectious diseases, sanatorium-preventorium is not direct; sanatorium-preventorium can be directed patients with inactive TB.
Vouchers to the sanatorium are issued at the expense of social insurance primarily free of charge or with partial collection of fees.
Duration of treatment in the sanatorium-preventorium 24 days for patients with inactive TB - 30 days. In the sanatorium-preventorium is complex sanatorium treatment. The doctor of the sanatorium conducts treatment work based on the study of working conditions at work and their incidence. Among the conducted treatment and prevention alongside treatment, is a great place diet therapy, physiotherapy, balneology treatment.
Treatment in sanatoria and health resorts contributes to decrease of morbidity with temporary loss of ability to work.
A day in the sanatorium-preventorium, diet, treatment and rest is constructed in accordance with the regime at work.
In the premises of the sanatorium there are bedrooms, a dining room, a relaxation room, a physician's room, treatment rooms, and other Tasks nurses - execution of doctor's appointments for all kinds of treatment, monitoring of patients ' health.
The economic content of the sanatorium is the responsibility of the administration of the enterprise. Local health authorities carry out methodical management of treatment-and-prophylactic work sanatorium, coordinating their activities with the General plan of care workers and employees of enterprises and institutions.
Cm. also the Sanatorium.