Sanitary instructor

Sanitary instructor (short for sanitary instructor) is a person younger medical staff of the military medical services, past special military medical training. Medical orderly serve in the military units, clinics and military medical institutions. In time of war a medical organizes medical support their unit (company, batteries), using regular (in a motorized infantry company)assigned or allocated for this purpose from among the soldiers of the so-called combat medics (see the nurse, the military).
Sanitary instructor has to know his mission of his unit, the location of the battalion or regimental medical center, to conduct medical exploration; sanitary instructor personally providing first medical aid. Together with a medical orderlies should arrange for the provision of self - and mutual aid, search for, removal and transportation of victims from the field (from home) and make arrangements for their evacuation. A medical identifies patients, providing first aid, monitors the compliance with the hygienic requirements personnel, teaches the rules of rendering of self - and mutual assistance with combat injuries and diseases, provides personnel with personal protective first medical aid. A medical company (battery) has a bag sanitary instructor (see Sanitary bag), stretcher strap, shoulder sleeve insignia red cross. A medical subordinated to the commander, and specialty - nurse battalion. At clinics and at the military medical institutions of the medical performs various duties to nurses at the direction of a physician (medical assistant).